“Subsequent to the Planning Commission Public Hearing The Applicant has provided Staff with a New submittal…” ~ Planning Director July 28 2020

Is it more appropriate to DEFER the Public Hearing scheduled for City Council Meeting August 4th 2020 to allow the City to hold the necessary public forum and reach an acceptable compromise rather than try to work a solution during a Public Hearing that also includes very real health risks for its participants considering:

  • The unknown recent changes
  • Large opposition to publicly seen proposed development
  • 3 Councilpersons needing to recuse themselves
  • Inconsistencies throughout the entire process to date
  • The complexity of the precedent setting “iconic building” WCCB will have in the Shore Drive Community for decades
  • Recent FOIA documents available below.
    Note: Attachments mentioned in many emails were not included for the public to view.





    Affects of the Westminster-Canterbury Expansion

    Re Westminster Canterbury potential expansion

    RE Westminster Canterbury Expansion concern

    RE Shore Drive Community Coalition Position Statement – Westminster Canterbury Expansion

    Westminster Canterbury Expansion concern

    Shore Drive Communtiy Coaltion Position Statement – Westminster Canterbury Expansion

    “We have 2 presentations coming up now because of the complexity . . .” ~ Mayor Dyer July 28th 2020

    It seems everyone understands how complex the proposed development is. What’s the rush to attempt to push it through with incomplete information & lack of public input on an unseen “new submittal”.

    Sand Replenishment of Ocean Park Beach Scheduled for Spring 2020 Won’t Happen

    The following email update was provided by City Staff explaining the reason the planned beach replenishment of Ocean Park beaches won’t be happening this Spring.


    The City received three bids on April 7, 2020 for the beach nourishment of Ocean Park Beach. Unfortunately, all bids were over 50% higher than the available budget for the project. The primary driver as to why the bids came in significantly higher than the available budget is due to industry capacity related to the high demand for dredging along the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico for the next six months. No additional funding has been identified and not likely in the immediate future given the uncertainty in the proposed City budget. Therefore, a contract cannot be awarded based on the bids received.

    Public Works staff has recommended rebidding the project with a longer period of performance to incentivize more favorable bids based on the available budget for Ocean Park Beach. A final determination on rebidding the project is pending. Please contact Mr. James White for additional information.


    James White, City of Virginia Beach


    Lake Bradford – Chubb Lake Stormwater Improvement Projects – City Update #1

    The following is the first City update for the Lake Bradford-Chubb Lake Stormwater Improvement Project.  Lots of good information, sign up with the City for direct email if you are interested in following this topic.  SDCC will also post future updates on our website, so you can keep informed that way as well.

    Click here to see the survey results document.  Lake Bradford – Chubb Lake – Survey Results – January 2020

    Folks/Bradford-Chubb Project Followers:

    For those of you who are somewhat new to following Public Works projects, you will find that we at VBPW believe very strongly in keeping the public informed and allowing 2-way communications. That means keeping you informed of how our projects are progressing, letting you know when we hit a snag or there is a change in plans, and whenever there will be traffic delays or traffic pattern changes. It’s robust work, but someone has to do it . . . and I volunteered because my boss told me to.

    I can’t stress enough our belief in this concept, particularly in terms of hearing from you. We’ve learned from experience that the better-informed we keep you, the less chance there is of misinformation being passed around or needless anxiety. That’s why we have set up this specific email address for your questions and concerns. As Mr. Richardson, stormwater engineering savant and project manager for this explains below – you can contact us through this email address, you can go to our web page, or you can contact me. One way or another, we will get you an answer and the information you seek.

    You’ll find as we continue to send out these updates that we try and keep it light as well as informative. We want you to have the information you need and the answers you seek . . . otherwise I have a lot of explaining to do to my boss.

    As you can see, the email address to use is: lakebradford@vbgov.com. The esteemed Mr. Richardson has attached additional information in his section. Once we establish some social media contacts, I will pass them along to you as well.

    Lastly . . . . as in this is the last thing I will mention – if you know of someone who should be included in these updates, or WANTS to be included, please pass this along to them, or send me their information and I will add them to the list.

    We hope to set these up on a regular basis and I will let you know as we go along. I hope you will find the information helpful, and don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.

    Enjoy what looks to be a great weekend weather wise and if possible, don’t cough on each other.
    Stay safe!

    Drew Lankford
    Media and Communications
    Department of Public Works
    City of Virginia Beach

    (O) 757.385.8062
    (C) 757.409.4353



    As most of you know, Public Works – Stormwater Engineering held an open house/public meeting at the Bayside Recreation Center last November.

    We organized the meeting because we wanted to hear from the residents as to what their concerns were and to get their help in identifying flooding locations in their neighborhood.

    The meeting began with a presentation that provided some background and history of the Lake Bradford/Chubb Lake Drainage Study, along with reasons for the flooding and potential types of solutions.

    After the presentation, attendees were directed to visit five stations that were set up around the room to gather different information. Of particular interest to the engineers was the station, “Flooding Locations/Surveys.” At this station, we encouraged everyone to mark areas of concern or known flooding on a map. They were also given a comment card to describe those concerns and the impact from the flooding in greater detail.

    Prior to the meeting, we had developed an online survey for the public to take. We produced post cards with the survey link on the card to send to anyone who could not attend the meeting. That information was also given to the attendees, as well as the project’s web address – project’s webpage – where a link to the survey was available. Hard copies of the survey were also available at the meeting for those who preferred that method of input.

    Much to our surprise – AND pleasure – we had over 100 people who participated in the survey. Thank you one and all who did – your input was very valuable in helping us understand your concerns about flooding and the impact on you. That kind of information is invaluable when developing our plans.

    With the flooding locations map and the survey results, we were able to identify the problem areas and places of concern within the project area.
    They included areas with known flooding problems in the neighborhoods of:
     Bayville Gardens
     Chesapeake Beach
     Chubb Lake Terrace
     Church Point
     Thoroughgood neighborhoods

    Some of the roads identified as areas of concern or flooding during the survey include:
     Beaufort Avenue
     Brigadoon Drive
     Chubb Lake Avenue
     Hermitage Road
     Independence Boulevard (near the entrance to JEB LC)
     Lauderdale Avenue
     Lee Court
     Lookout Road
     Maycraft Road
     Northampton Boulevard
     Pleasure House Road
     Shore Drive

    Not surprisingly, these areas and roads align almost perfectly with the areas we had identified in our stormwater model.

    The results from the survey and the flooding locations map are attached, and a copy of the map is at the bottom of this email. You can also find a Summary of the Public Survey and Comments on our project’s webpage.

    Since we met in November, the City and RK&K have continued to analyze the project area and develop a recommendation to help mitigate flooding. The analysis includes:
     Analyzing stormwater pipes and ditch capacities
     Rainfall and tide joint probabilities
     Sea level rise

    One of our tasks now is to analyze each area within the project area with each of these possible scenarios.

    As we all know, the public health crisis due to Covid-19 has scrambled all schedules, but IF things can work out, we hope to have another public meeting sometime this fall. If it doesn’t work out that we can meet as a group, we will look into some electronic options that may be possible.

    Again, we want to thank each and every one of you who have participated in some way: attending the meeting, marking maps, taking the survey, emailing us your thoughts and comments, and all the other ways you have contributed. We feel strongly that this can be a very successful project with your suggestions and feedback.

    Please contact us at lakebradford@vbgov.com with your comments and questions. Also, go to our website at http://www.vbgov.com/lakebradford for updated information.

    If you have any pictures of flooding, please email them to stormpics@vbgov.com. Please include the location, date, and time the picture was taken.

    Again, thank you for your participation in this project and we look forward to continue working with all of you. Please stay safe during this difficult time.

    Matthew Richardson, Project Manager
    Lake Bradford / Chubb Lake Drainage Study (CIP #7-053).
    Public Works – Engineering
    757-385 -4131

    “Ocean Shore Condominium (OSC) and other area property owner’s concerns re: Westminster Canterbury on the Chesapeake Bay expansion.”

    View DLM Architects Design Review Memo No. 3. (4 page pdf)


    City Code, Appendix A – Zoning, ARTICLE 9, Section 901, Senior Housing is limited to a height of 165 feet. AHousing for seniors and disabled persons or handicapped, including convalescent or nursing; maternity homes; day-care centers other than covered under permitted principal uses herein above, provided that the maximum height shall not exceed one hundred sixty-five (165) feet;@ The independent living tower in the proposed project significantly exceeds this limitation. Required: reduce the height of the tower to comply.

    Wind Scour: The close proximity between the OSC and WC site increases the local wind speed, wind scour and turbulence between these Bayfront buildings resulting in more drifting sand, damaged vegetation and damage to the roofing of the westernmost OSC buildings. Required: Construct wind breaks at the dune line. This wasn’t addressed in the planning staff’s comments.

    Stormwater run-off: There is no indication of stormwater retention on the preliminary drawings or how the stormwater requirements are to be met. Required: a net reduction in impervious surface area from the existing use(s).

    “While it is the most densely populated area of the City, it is primarily a neighborhood residential area. The general planning goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan include preserving and protecting the character, economic value, and aesthetic quality of the established neighborhoods.”

    Applicant & Owner Westminster Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay Public Hearing March 11, 2020 City Council Election District Lynnhaven

    View Staff Report in PDF.

    Some highlights:

    In 1977, a Conditional Use Permit was granted to the property for a Home for the Aged, Disabled and Handicapped to operate a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

    The development will be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s vision for the Suburban Area Bayfront Community, the goals of which is to preserve and protect the character, economic value, and aesthetic quality of established neighborhoods.

    The proposed 22-story tower will be approximately 250’ tall.

    The Property, when developed, shall not exceed a total of 674 Independent Living units, 75 Assisted Living units, 48 Memory Support units, and 108 Skilled Nursing units. Total parking provided will be 1,096 parking spaces.

    The general planning goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan include preserving and protecting the character, economic value, and aesthetic quality of the established neighborhoods.

    Ocean Shore Condos & Ships Watch request your help over WCCB current expansion plans

    Important Email addresses:

      Mayor & all City Council: CityCouncil@vbgov.com

      Planning Commission Chairwoman: branch.oliver@gmail.com

      Planning Commission: planadmn@vbgov.com

      Staff Planner: WLandfair@vbgov.com

    Use this link to Email Planning Commission Chairwoman, Staff Planner, Mayor and City Council.

    Partial list of concerns being shared about current WCCB expansion plans:

    Dear March 11th Planning Commission participants,

    I am sure by now that all of you have sent your letters out to the Mayor, the individuals of the Planning Commission and the City Council. Now it is time for the next step in our process to limit the encroachment of Westminster Canterbury on the Shore Drive District. However, if you have not sent your letter as of yet, it is not too late. Please send your letter and encourage any of your friends and family in Virginia to write a letter opposing the expansion of Westminster Canterbury as it now stands.

    There are several things that we need to do in order to continue our fight and increase the pressure on the Planning Commission and then ultimately the City Council.

      1) Please make every effort to attend the Planning Commission on March 11th, 2020, 12:00 pm. The meeting will be at the Municipal Center, building #1. The meeting is scheduled to start at 12:00 pm, but I would like to encourage everyone to be there by 11:00 am. We understand that Westminster Canterbury is going to try to pack the meeting. We would like all of you and anyone else you can bring to be able to be seated in the meeting room. Also, there is a meeting at 9:00 am by the Planning Commission. The 9:00 am meeting will be in the same location as above, but we will not be able to speak at this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for the Planning Commission to discuss the expansion. I believe it will give us great insight to their thought process. In addition, the more people the Planning Commission sees at the meetings, the more pressure it will put on their decision making process.
      2) We also need to have speakers at the 12:00 pm meeting. If you are willing to speak, please let us know. Please email paulterkeltaub@me.com and let us know your intention to speak. We want you to address the Planning Commission in your own words, but we do have topics that we want to make sure are covered. Listed below are the topics we wish to have individuals talk about in front of the Planning Commission. Please pick one or two topics that you would like to address. We want to make sure all topics are covered. You will have 3 minutes to state your position. All that we ask is that you respond to Paul above and let us know what topic or topics you will be addressing. We want to make sure all of the important points are covered.

    The topics that we would like to see addressed are as follows:

      Reduce the height of the building from 22 stories to 14 stories.
      Have the building built of the same type of brick the other buildings are built of instead of glass to keep continuity within the development.
      If the building is built of glass, we would like the City to require them to do a solar study so that we will understand what the implications will be for the surrounding buildings.
      If the building is made of glass, we would like to know the implications of how much light it will put out at night.
      Whether the building is 22 stories or 14 stories, we would like to have a wind study done so we will understand the impact on the surrounding buildings as well as the beach.
      We would like to see a shadow study done to understand the implications for surrounding buildings as well as the beach.
      We would like the parking lot expanded to accommodate more cars. They need to allow two cars for each unit as well as parking for the staff. In addition, the parking lot needs to be designed to accommodate senior drivers.
      The City needs to restrict parking on Starfish and turn this into a 4 lane road having a dedicated right hand turn lane.
      The City needs to elongate the left hand turn lane from Shore Drive onto Starfish due to the increased traffic.
      The City needs to require a current traffic study. The prior study was done before The Overture and The Chesapeake on The Bay Condos, both on Shore Drive and The Pearl off of Great Neck Road by the marina were built. None of these have been leased or sold to capacity at this time.
      We would like to strongly encourage Westminster Canterbury to flip the tower with the assisted living facility.
      We would like them to keep the beach access where it is or at least on their property and not next to Ocean Shore Condos. The way the beach access is being planned, Westminster Canterbury will be creating a private beach for their residents that the public will not be able to access.
      3) The attorney and architect for Ocean Shore Condos will be addressing the technical parts of the project, but we need all of you to help us address the human side of such a large development. This is for all owners and renters in the Shore Drive District.

    Please help us to preserve our neighborhood.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Each of you can change my email and sign this and send out to your perspective communities and organizations. Please feel free to make any changes you would like.

    When emailing Planning Commission members, Mayor & City Council – anyone with CoVB -be sure to be respectful and truthful.

    Important Email addresses:

      Mayor & all City Council: CityCouncil@vbgov.com

      Planning Commission Chairwoman: branch.oliver@gmail.com

      Planning Commission: planadmn@vbgov.com

      Staff Planner: WLandfair@vbgov.com

    Use this link to Email Planning Commission Chairwoman, Staff Planner, Mayor and City Council.

    Learn more about Planning Commission here.

    “You’re building something that is going to be a permanent landmark on the beach. You want it to be right.”

    Video & story at 13NewsNow.com.

    The Shore Drive Community Coalition is opposed to the expansion as it is now. They are concerned about the increased height and density. They and many others said there was not enough dialogue.