New Ordinance & User Agreement language for private use of LBR&BFDMTS

Thanks to Public Works Director Lj Hansen, Senior Project Manager Dan Adams, City Manager Liaison Jonathan Torres, City Attorney Kay Wilson & Councilpersons Delceno Miles & John Moss, and OPCL President Danny Murphy for meeting with us Friday morning in the new Building One at the Municipal Center to work out the details of the Ordinance & User Agreement for private use of the LBR&BFDMTS.

We really appreciate the community engagement in this process!

Have any questions or comments?

New potential Ordinance for LBR&BF dredge transfer station for private use update

September 20th is new possible City Council hearing date.

From a City Attorney:

“This ordinance does not require a public hearing, but you will be able to speak on the agenda item.”

As of now the language in potential Ordinance & LBR&BF User Agreement is unknown.

View potential Ordinance language & potential LBR&BF User Agreement language below.

This entire civic engagement thing about a historically controversial topic directly related to safety in the Bayfront area has been fascinating.

Previously, including links to the history of LBR&BF as a potential dredge transfer station for private use at “As of now there are no plans to use it as a dredge materials transfer station” and Updated Presentation info for BAC Thursday July 21 meeting.

Potential safety regulations for LBR&BF use?

“The Eastern Shore Drainage Improvement Project received more than $25 million from the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities national competition to fight flooding in Virginia Beach.” WOOT WOOT!

View the terrific news at

“This is going to save the taxpayers that $25 million and the saved money will be allocated to other flood remediation projects,” said Bradley Vanderwarker, the project manager.


BAC August 18th 330p at OPVRS. Join us!

Thanks to Mark for Agenda.


Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad

  3769 E. Stratford Drive 

(enter on side opposite Shore Drive)

August 18, 2022

CALL TO ORDER – 3:30 pm


Review and Approval of Minutes from 7/21/22


Welcome Guests and Introductions – Phil Davenport, Chair



Design – Bob Magoon

Communications – Vacant

​Public Safety, Transit, Parking & Pedestrian Access – Martin Thomas


1) Green Clean Car Wash Conditional Use Permit application – 4769 Shore Drive

2) Discussion of Virginia Beach Commercial Areas Pattern Book





Drainage Improvements Work Begins on Cape Henry Drive between Starfish Road & Ebb Tide Road

Starting next week.

From News Release:

Drainage Improvements Work Begins on Cape Henry Drive between Starfish Road & Ebb Tide Road

Virginia Beach Public Works is providing an update for a new Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvements Project Advance Section 1C.2.

The contractor will commence construction for this 2nd phased drainage project for the Lynnhaven Colony area the week of August 1-5, 2022. The work will be solely located on Cape Henry Drive between Starfish Road to Ebb Tide Road. The project will relocate a large gravity sanitary sewer which exists beneath the Cape Henry Canal, southward to underneath Cape Henry Drive. This work is necessary to widen and deepen the Cape Henry Canal beginning the summer of next year.
It’s important to note that this work will not interfere with traffic at W. Great Neck Road. Cape Henry Drive will be closed for through traffic in two phases of construction between the side streets noted above, with a detour plan for each phase.

The Contractor will continue to provide access to resident’s driveways, mail, trash pickup and emergency services. The Cape Henry Trail will not be shut down and will continue to provide service during construction. The trail and Cape Henry Drive construction will be separated with a 4’ high visibility fence.

The anticipated schedule is:
August 1, 2022 – July 14, 2023.

The contractor for the job is Trident Civil.
For additional information, please contact Christina Tumminelli, Project Manager
with Trident Civil at (757) 393-5904, or Public Works Engineering at (757) 385-4131.

“Other information of note is that we are combining these three projects into one large construction package to be advertised JULY 2023:”