What’s happening here?

    This is the official website of the Shore Drive Community Coalition and it is in the format of a blog. Blog defined in Wikipedia.

    We strongly encourage you to have a lively discussion about any & all news & info posted here!

    SDCC Member President or Officer? We also strongly encourage you to share your thoughts here by being an Author, having your own “column”, etc. Contact Tim or Todd below to get started.

    Help moderate your neighborhood watch? Share that news here too.

    Run or manage a non-profit that works in the Shore Drive Community? We’d love to have you join us as an Author too!


    Why don’t my comments show up immediately?
    We moderate all comments simply to ensure no Nigerian Princess is trying to sell Viagra or a bridge in the desert or even worse, adding a link with malware or viruses. This ensures we have a high quality experience for you. We strive to make your comment live asap.

We moved our site over to several years ago. Like with many moves, not everything is in the right place.

    All our archives from the beginning, August 2003, made it here… but there’s some issues with the blogs posts from our previous site.

How you can help:

    While you’re searching through our Archives for that nugget of precious info you must have, and you stumble on a blog post that appears incomplete, has broken links to other websites/resources, or doesn’t have the PDF or image you expect to be there – simply make a comment or “Discuss” in the form below the post explaining what you believe is missing and we’ll get somebody on it to find out how to help you.

Be sure to check the little box to the left of “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” and you’ll automatically be emailed when we find what you might be looking for.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

    No kidding. That’s what it’s called and it’s awesome.

    The link to at the Wayback Machine.

We value your feedback!

    Please use Discuss form below to let us know how we can improve

Write for

    Email Todd or Tim to get started.

Our very first post back on August 30th 2003 as


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