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  1. Hello fellow Shore Drive neighbors,

    I am requesting the survey linked below be distributed to in order to get more respondents. Below is a post I made on “Next Door Safety” a few days ago and have received 55 individual person responses from communities located along the Bay Beach/Shore Drive. So far the information collected in the survey is revealing. It appears most folks have strict control of their dogs on the beach, however 90% of these same folks have encountered dogs not under control and 70% of the 90% say they have had concerns about the safety of their dog or person. 10% of the 70% have had slight or severe injury done to their dog by uncontrolled dogs. More survey respondents are necessary for this survey to provide actionable data. Not looking for opinions on what should be done. That will come after this survey data is analyzed, a committee is formed and more research is done. Looking to provide options to the City to make out beaches enjoyable for all. This is not, repeat is not, an effort to have a leash law for the beaches.

    Here’s the Next Door Post:

    “As a result of the dog attack and killing of Shih Tzu Macaroni reported in the Virginian Pilot linked below and the community reaction on Next Door, it is apparent that something must be done to lower the risk of having another dog killed or severely injured on our Beach. I drafted a survey that attempts to gather data and solicit for help to determine the extent of the problem. Any options presented to the City are going to have to be backed up with numbers and narratives of significant incidents that have occurred. The options we develop are going to have to be something on which all responsible dog owners can agree. It will require compromise.

    Virginian Pilot online report:

    Here is the survey. No more posts of opinions and positions are required or desired on Next Door. If you have good intentions and are willing to back up comments with some action, please join the Committee referred to in the Survey”.


  2. On Monday Feb. 25, 2020 the Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC) voted unanimously to support the following position regarding the proposed Westminster Canterbury expansion – “The SDCC opposes the Westminister Canterbury expansion proposal as it is in violation of the Shore Drive Overlay density restrictions and the Business 901 height restrictions”

    Does this proposed expansion have a legitimate hardship that should allow for variances to the 24 units per acre density requirement and the 165 ft height requirement listed in the City’s Municipal Code for B4 zoning in the SDO district? What are your thoughts?

  3. Surely palm trees are not going to line Shore Drive! I live next door to the Virginia Beach Hotel where the scraggly palm trees have been an eyesore for years. Look at Hilltop. This is Virginia, not Florida. Please not palms.

  4. VOTE NO TO REZONING OF MARINA AT MARINA SHORES PROPERTY. Below is a link to a petition to vote NO to rezoning of the Marina Shores Marina property to B-4 (commercial and residential) so the owner can building a 200 unit apartment complex and a second restaurant with only one ingress and egress. I appreciate your support. This is merely a request and not a debate.


  5. Just spoke to VB Zoning/Planning Dept. and was advised that the issue of rezoning Marina Shores is not on the schedule for June. Further advised that they have not completed all the documentation needed to be scheduled for a hearing.

    • I have been keeping up with the VB Zoning/Planning Department as well. My neighborhood is very much against the rezoning for residential use. If this matters does go before the VB Zoning/Planning Department, we plan to attend and object to the rezoning. I welcome as much support as we can get on this matter. Please keep me in the loop. Many thanks!

    • My back deck overlooks Ocean Shore Ave. I mentioned it somewhere on this forum to put in speed bumps, and someone responded that the VBFD would not allow that. SOME thing needs to be done! There is a Japanese style motorcycle (not a Harley – I know what does sound like!) that occasionally excessively speeds the length of Ocean Shore, because I can hear it racing down the street. Must be doing at least 45-50, by the sound of it.

  6. I’ve fished the area around and under that bridge since 1969. Does anyone know if it’s the city’s intention to reopen that area after the new bridge is completed ??

      • When you open the “discuss” heading for comments it opens to comments from 2012, not 2015. You must read all the way to the bottom for current issues.

        Don Allen Va Beach 757 286 0537 steer.us.com


      • Understood. Unfortunately, no way to change that layout with our website design.

        Is there a certain topic we should start for public discussion?

  7. Dangerous bicyclist. Sunday night, about 9:30pm an adult bicyclist, without lights, on a road bike was riding east on Shore near 7-11. He rode through Marlin Bay/Shore intersection, changing lanes back and forth but staying on the left. He continued many blocks, maybe as far as the Rescue Squad. He was impossible to see, and since he was switching lanes, impossible to avoid. He appeared unapologetic for travelling without light, after dark, on the left side of the road where drives could not see or avoid him. Beware!

  8. Why not issue tickets to Dimitri for blocking the sidewalk, it’s public property, come on VB cops !! That’s BS

  9. Does anyone really believe the “staging area for the bridge” is not a spoil transfer station. See if you can get a straight answer from the city (Dave Hansen) with a time line. Take a close look at what’s being built, “it don’t look temporary”. Once those barges start moving and destroy the recently planted oyster beds and foul our pristine water, how long will it take to reverse course??

  10. For us living in the Shore Drive area, we have many concerns about all that could impact our quality of life. Increasing construction of high density condos and apartment buildings will only add to our traffic and parking problems. And, it seems that every available piece of land that will support more apartment and condo construction is being sought and bought. As land prices go up, developers build too many “fast stick and vinyl covered” 3, 4, and 5 story cracker boxes. Is this what we want for the Shore Drive area? If we can’t have quality construction, why are we being forced to accept these high density “cracker box facades” that will not maintain a sustainable quality over the duration of a 30 year mortgage. Would the residents of Bay Island, Broad Bay, and the other quality neighborhoods accept such construction? Maybe we should let our City Council know that we don’t accept it either.

  11. Here’s the letter in Saturday’s Pilot about the unleashed dog that attacked and killed a smaller dog:


    The overwhelming majority of dog owners are profoundly convinced of their “right” to violate the leash laws, wherever and whenever they like. They are hostile, entitled and childishly defiant.

    Until the laws are actually enforced, there’s nothing to stop this from happening again.

  12. I had a similar phone call this week. With this one, it was a guy who said he was with American Home Shield. In case you don’t know, that is the name of a reputable residential repair insurance company. When this guy started talking about security, I told him we were with Johns Brothers and very happy with them. He wanted to send someone out to do an evaluation and information visit. I practically hung up on him. But I will say that he was well-spoken and polite.

  13. Security Risk in our neighborhoods?
    My wife received a phone call from a person who said she was representing our security company who would be doing updates on our security system. The person asked if we had a security system and when it was updated last. My wife thought that if they represented our company that they would know the answer. The woman said that the update was free and that a service tech was in our area. My wife thought that they should know the answer, so my wife hung up the phone. I called our security company who verified that they don’t updates and that this was a scam.

    This could be a simple scam to gain some money, or it could also be very serious if thieves want to burglarize your home. It might work like this. The “company” comes out to update your system and looks around your house “to check your sensors”. Some later time when you are not home, they would return, disable your system and quickly burglarize your home.

    Heads up! Watch who is driving around your neighborhood and if service vehicles or unfamiliar car are parked in your neighbor’s driveway. Take note and copy down license plate numbers and a description of the vehicle and driver. You might even take a I-phone picture. Burglaries are on the rise. Be a good neighbor.

  14. Thanks for responding, I appreciate it. Do you know any more about what happened? Did Lady find her way home somehow, or did they locate her somewhere in the park?

  15. Does anyone know anything about the missing dog at First Landing? Apparently a dog named Lady was lost a couple of days ago–there were signs at all the trail entrances yesterday.

    Has anyone heard anything about this, and whether they found their dog?

  16. It’s possible that the “Commission” referred to is the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, isn’t it? That’s the way I heard it, but I haven’t read the bill, which is still a bad idea if it takes review away from our local Board.

  17. Some senior members of the Virginia Beach city staff are reviewing for submission to the upcoming Virginia General Assembly, a change in state law that would remove the local “Wetlands boards” from the wetlands project review process. The change in state law would permit the cities to be the monitors of their own projects, thereby bypassing their own local wetlands boards. This may sound like just a small change, or as one senior city person called it, “a tweek”, but it obviously is not. The proposed change to state law submitted by Vice Mayor Jones and Councilman Wood will have severe impacts in my opinion. Please note that last year (DEC 2012) when Senator McWaters determined that what the city had submitted and told him was a minor change in state law was fact a major change, that he quickly removed his sponsorship from the previous bill and sent it back to committee. Now, our city wants to resurrect the bill change with expanded wording.

    According to the recent written city package information that was passed to me, the new SB926 wording will include references to the “SSD Neighborhood Dredging Project” and “subject to the Commission, rather than the local wetlands boards, if any.” I believe that the “Commission” that the proposed bill change is referring to is our city’s Beaches and Waterways Advisory Commission. This is the very Commission that would not allow many of us to speak at their meetings (because we could not get on their published agenda), would not take or answer our questions in writing (We were told that there will be an opportunity for public comments and questions.) and that failed to reasonably and sufficiently respond to our formally submitted written questions at the Commission’s only public hearing. As you might recall, there was strong opposition to the city’s dredging program with 19 of the 20 speakers speaking in opposition. This Commission submitted their findings and recommendations to our City Council without responding sufficiently nor reasonably to SDCC’s questions or those submitted by the many other opponents.

    Is this the same Commission (Beaches and Waterways Advisory Commission) that has been resurrected and appointed by our City Council that we should permit to monitor, review and approve our city’s waterways projects? Where are the completed environmental impact studies? Where are the safety and traffic impact studies? Where are the answers to our formally submitted questions?

    I view these glaring gaps with concern. The safety, the quality of life for our neighborhoods and the environmental quality of the Lynnhaven Basin is in jeopardy. More importantly, the established oversight process with citizen inputs is being removed. This is just another example of “Taxation without representation” by some of our city officials.

    • Wade,
      The city would like to have a 400 foot concrete capped bulkhead at Crab Creek to support all the city and privately contracted barges while they await spoils transfers to dump trucks. I believe that the city will use the area to offload the spoils and allow them to dewater there, thereby making the spoils easier (lighter) to carry. Strict State weight limitations on dump truck loads would not permit a fully WET loaded dump truck to use our roads. Mr. Hansen says that he would have the wet loads monitored so as to not exceed state limits. I am not so sure that this can be consistently accomplished. The short answer to your question, the 400 foot bulkhead would allow many barges to cue up until the barges can be offloaded. Maybe cue up over night, weekends, holidays, or just for a reasonable duration of a week or month or two. What this would mean would be that the Crab Creek basin would become an industrial work site, vice a nice scenic area where we boat, fish, kayak, and enjoy. As for the oysters that we like to eat, don’t worry. The city will monitor their quality and notify us if there is a problem with contamination.

  18. Does anyone know where the loud airplane noise is coming from in the Lynnhaven Pier area? It is between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm. Primarily after 10:30 pm. I have lived here over 8 years and never heard these jets. It seems unlikely we would hear these from Oceana.

  19. It concerns me when I encounter young teenagers riding their bikes at night in the middle of the road without lights and wearing dark clothing. First, it is dumb and asking for an encounter with a car. Second, it shows poor supervision by the parent. In a car-bike rider encounter, who loses? It should not take a serious accident to get a parent’s attention. So, where is your child tonight? Maybe mention this to a neighbor who’s kid rides the neighborhood at night? Maybe save a life.

    • David, I agree. This generation is very different and difficult to relate to. At times, parental guidance is not enough. Someone might need more. Aren’t the Police responsible too? Where are they? How many encounters with these kids have they had? I agree parental guidance is appropriate although I feel the Police should have a greater presence. They are giving tickets to tax paying homeowners on the beach for having their dogs out between 10am and 6pm but allow kids to ride in the middle of the street at night? Mind boggling.

    • We are interested to find out if anyone knows that the new regulations for 9 feet above flood zone for new construction (floor joists 9 foot above the ground) means that the 35′ elevation restrictions still hold, or does the new construction limited to 26′ (35 total height). Tim suggested that I put this on the site.


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