“It appears that the power supply coming to the lighting system is not “clean power”. It works fine for normal lights, the necklace lighting, etc., but for purposes of the aesthetic lighting on the piers, it’s causing some problems.”

Update about LED aesthetic lighting for Lesner includes:

They’ve noticed that pier lights will go off randomly which means the Building Maintenance staff have to come out and reset the specific breakers. The problem has been that it’s not the same pier going out each time. I would equate this to how the power in your house might flicker during a wind storm and one clock gets interrupted while others aren’t impacted.

The proposed solution is to install some line conditioners to clean up the power supply. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a procurement process that we need to go through to get a contractor to add the components to the system. We expect to have something installed in the next 60 days.

You may remember the plan to change the aesthetic lighting we shared here.

I’m going to talk to them about the programming, since I think it can still run regardless of the pier light issues. If they have to reset breakers anyway (short term), it doesn’t matter what the light color is.

Yes – the street lightening acting randomly is a separate issue from the aesthetic lighting goofs.

All the lighting on Lesner should be resolved within 60 days as Public Works has been working on this for awhile now and are very close to completing the solutions to fix the issues.

Hope it’s fixed soon! People come from miles around – even out of state – to view the pretty lighting.

Drainage Improvements Work to Begin on Starfish Road/North Great Neck Road


Crews will begin work at the intersection of Starfish Road and North Great Neck Road for the first phase. The project will include installing stormwater piping, drainage structures, trenching, along with sidewalk and pavement work.


Final Sea Level Wise happening today!

We want YOUR input When it comes to Sea Level Wise public meeting dates.

February 15th 10am – 12pm Cox High School

Address: 2425 Shorehaven Drive

Did you know WCCB is seeking variances to redevelop ~17 acres in the bayfront? PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY.

WCCB – Westminster Canterbury by Chesapeake Bay- has been “working with the City for about a year” on redeveloping 16.88 acres in the bayfront.

Planning Commission is scheduled to have a public hearing and vote as soon as MARCH 11 ’20.

CLICK HERE to start 8 question SURVEY.

SURVEY ENDS March 10. PLEASE TAKE IT NOW and share it.

We will be making the Survey results public.

Thank you!

Rendering of proposed redevelopment that needs regulatory approvals.

February Baylines from Bayfront Advisory Committee

View February 2020 Baylines Newsletter.

Bayfront Advisory Commission
Commission meets Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020 4500 First Court Road
Bayside Recreation Center
3:30 p.m.
Tentative Agenda:

MINUTES OF 1/16/20
CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Charles Malbon, Vice Chairman
Public Safety, Transit, Parking & Pedestrian Access
Comprehensive Plan update – Mark. E. Shea

Including more updates like:

The City Council has appointed William Hearst to the Bayfront Advisory Commission, replacing Scott Ayers, who retired …

View February 2020 Baylines Newsletter.

Proposed Orsted use of Lynnhaven Boat Ramp & Beach Facility including CC presentation.

View Powerpoint presented to City Council Informal Session FEB 4 ’20.

Just 3 of the questions to consider:

Was Parks & Recreation consulted re: the recreational boaters use of LBR&BF boat parking expansion being delayed again?

Was Public Safety & Traffic Engineering consulted re: recreational boaters backing up into the surrounding residential streets and onto Shore Drive in both west & east directions?

Was anyone tasked with studying the loss of revenue from the delay, again, of expanding recreational boat parking especially considering the recent loss of Boatel use?

Note: Questions are simply related to the location at LBR&BF of this proposed plan.

There’s potential expanding LBR&BF recreational boat parking could be delayed even longer as well:

Six (6) months – up to three (3) additional six (6) month terms for a
total of two (2) years

Learn more about Orsted at their website.

Ørsted ranked the most sustainable company in the world

“Officials have said the project could be accelerated if more funding became available through a possible $430 million bond referendum this November.”

View article at Pilotonline.com:

 It also faces the costliest damage from today’s conditions, according to the city’s new sea level rise study. That’s true under short-term and long-term sea level rise projections, too.