Update on PHP kayak launch & wetland mitigation bank

From an email:

We are now anticipating a fall 2020 construction start for the PHP wetland restoration and mitigation bank project. Our Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI) has been approved subject to a few minor clarifications.  We expect final approval in late January and will begin the JPA process and prepare final bidding documents.  We should be in a position to detail a firm construction schedule at that time.

“A classroom at Pleasure House Point opens a world of exciting possibilities that will have a ripple effect on the community and beyond for years to come. I’m so proud to support this mission.”

The energy & excitement by students & VB Schools staff at the Ground Breaking Ceremony yesterday was incredible!

News from Augusta Free Press:

“Future legislators, scientists, engineers, and architects will walk these halls, explore these beautiful grounds, learn in this sustainably-built classroom, and ultimately change the world,” said VBCPS Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence. “Where better can students experience our city’s and our division’s unique educational opportunities than here at the Brock Center, truly a monument to environmental design and sustainability.”

Learn more at CBF.org:

When will the classroom be built?
Construction will begin in early 2020, with completion during the summer of 2020. Students will begin attending the Environmental Studies Program after Labor Day, 2020.

It’s amazing how much has been accomplished since “RESIDENTS ANNOUNCE PLAN TO BUY PLEASURE HOUSE POINT Virginian-Pilot, The (Norfolk, VA) – Tuesday, February 25, 2003 Author: SCOTT HARPER THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT” was published:

The foundation will solicit public and private money and seeks to preserve the property for environmental education[.]

Yet, there is much more work to do as not all of what you think is PHP is permanently preserved yet.

What Would You Like to See in a New City Manager?

The closest public input meeting you could attend was no where near Shore Drive community. Again.

You can take a Survey created by the recruiting company searching for our next City Manager online however and we encourage you to do so.

Start at this link for their SurveyMonkey.com survey.

Questions include:

Which three of the following leadership traits do you believe are most important for the next Manager to possess?

Which five of the following abilities and skills do you believe are most essential to perform the work of the City Manager?

What are the top three challenges you think will face the new City Manager?

SDCC Route 35 NOV ’19 Survey Results

Our 2nd Survey about Route 35 started about a month after Route 35 ended in 2019.

SDCC View Route 35 NOV ’19 Survey Spreadsheet Results.

  • There needs to be a stop on south side of Shore Drive beside Kroger’s. There are senior apartments and employees at Kroger’s who would use it if there were a bus stop.
  • There should be more stops on Shore Drive..one at the foot of the Lesner on each side for residents along Page Ave and in Ocean Park would make sense. I don’t want to DRIVE 2 miles to catch the bus.
  • Need more handicap services to get around oceanfront if I could go- once there- walking is tough
    E-scooters taking up space at bus stops. Do e-scooters pay for that space?
  • The schedule is not posted at the bus stop so I don’t know when or how often it comes. Or the exact route
  • Didn’t know when or where to get a return bus.
  • Not familiar with how often it runs and where it stops.
  • While waiting for a bus we can be there by car and come back exactly when we are ready. The bus doesn’t solve any problem for us.
  • I tried once, but it was very late. Never tried again
  • As I understand, you could wait for up to an hour, as it isn’t timed stops.

  • Year round. Keep 30 min or less to wait. 7a to 12 midnight. Go to base entrances or close to if possiblE. DRIVERS WERE GREAT ..VB Ambassadors & information guides
  • Stop by Rite Aid
  • A few more stop/pick-ups in the Boardwalk/Pacific area.
  • shorter wait times
  • More stops at Oceanfront especially for special events
  • Improve ticketing buying app so you can find stops, see times of arrival, and track live bus location with ETA. Year-round would be awesome, but at least extend the season (April to October?).
  • Still not sure whether the bus stops only at designated stops or if it will stop is hailed at any point on route. Wish this info were more publicized
  • Add a stop next to Kroger. There is a Special Needs young man that works there and a stop would allow him to take the bus to work. Add a stop at Kendall Street, now that the sidewalk is finished this stop would service the residents of Cape Henry Shores.
  • Have Kroger sell tickets. Allow 65+ to purchase 1/2 fare tickets on the app as well as the regular fare that’s there now.
  • Op.year round. First Landing/seashore park riders need to be at a pick up stop On shore drive as everyone else. Bus turning off into park area for riders waste time and resources. Never been on bus when any rider got on or off inside park. Will they pick me up at my front door? Overall, A GREAT RIDE!
    Run it all year on week ends after the summer ends.
    It should operate year round
  • I plan to use it more next year. Would love it to be year round.
  • have current bus location on an “app”. (most times we’ve used it, the bus arrived over half hour after the time we expected it. So frustrating to wait that long). We would use it much more frequently if we could avoid sending at the bus stop for about an hour each round trip.
  • I like the number and location of the stops. Start in April till November. Those are the only improvements for now.
  • Make special trips for special events
  • More stops at Oceanfront. Like the fact that it stops at First Landing State Park for the campers. Glad we have this bus but wish it ran into October.
  • Please operate year round. We go the ocean front much more frequently off season to take advantage of restaurant specials and to walk or bike ride on the boardwalk.
  • I would love to have it available for thebig running eventsie Shamrock half marathon and Rock n roll half marathon.
  • Purchasing tickets online was not easy. Both times the driver told me I only had one ticket when I thought I bought 2.
  • Year round would be great
  • Love the opportunity to get to the Oceanfront without worrying about Parking. It is the best reason for ME to use public transportation. LOVE Route 35 and would like it to run year round, why not?
  • year round would be great if there are enough riders, or maybe just in the evenings. We took it to avoid the horrific traffic to the parking lots at the oceanfront.
    Operate year round !
  • Make it year round
  • More promotion of Route 35 by HRT & CoVB !!
  • 35 should operate year round. There are a lot of restaurants on this route and people who need to get to work year round. It is good having this bus as the 29 only runs once per hour.
  • I appreciate that my teenager can take it to get down to the ocean. The drivers allow him to take his surfboard. I really appreciate that they have this route.
  • Year round for the people that depend on it; although, I don’t use it often, it is an easy way to get around the beach!