“This is planned for a residential community on Shore Drive …”

By the way, the City & WCCB have AGREED a 14 story building is the maximum height requirement since 1998.

A Call a Day Keeps the High Rise Away – Call City Council Campaign to Deny Proposed Westminster Canterbury 22 Story High Rise Development

“Use limitations, restrict the height to 165 feet” in WCCB 1998 Conditional Use Permit Application

Download & view FOIA Docs from WCCB 1998 Application

It is mind boggling City Council will be having a Public Hearing and vote on this Application next Tuesday September 22 2020 considering:

    Since 1998 WCCB & City of VB acknowledge there is a 165 foot maximum height requirement.

    “The lack of attention to detail is astonishing” in this entire process.

    A profound lack of civic engagement to fine tune the proposal so it meets the Shore Drive Corridor Plan, Shore Drive Overlay District & Comprehensive Plan Guidelines and compliments not destroys the residential neighborhood the Shore Drive community is.


PROPOSED SHORT TERM RENTAL REGULATION CHANGES City Council Briefing September 15, 2020 are controversial in the new proposed Overlay Districts in Bayfront

View Councilman Jones / Vice Mayor Wood proposal documents presented at City Manager Briefing September 15th

General overview of changes

■ Allow STRs, by-right, in certain specific locations of the City if they meet criteria
■ No Conditional Use Permits–STRs cannot operate elsewhere in the City
■ Regulations for Sandbridge are not changed
■ Regulations for other areas where STRs are permitted reflect current City Council imposed conditions on STRs with modification on number of rentals and required response by property owner or representative

Download Jones/Wood documents PDF of proposed changes.

View slides presented by Planning Director of STR proposed changes at City Manager Briefing.

Download PDF Planning Director slideshow.

“Where do we want to live in the years ahead? Older adults are asking this question anew in light of the ongoing toll of the coronavirus pandemic — disrupted lives, social isolation, mounting deaths. Many are changing their minds.”

View important article at CNN.com.

Some important parts of the article –

“Nervousness about senior living has spread as a result, and in July, the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care reported the lowest occupancy rates since the research organization started tracking data 14 years ago.

Occupancy dropped more in assisted living (a 3.2% decline from April through June, compared with January through March) than in independent living (a 2.4% decline). The organization doesn’t compile data on nursing homes.

In a separate NIC survey of senior housing executives in August, 74% said families had voiced concerns about moving in as Covid cases spiked in many parts of the country.”

“The potential for social isolation is especially worrisome, as facilities retain restrictions on family visits and on group dining and activities. (While states have started to allow visits outside at nursing homes and assisted living centers, most facilities don’t yet allow visits inside — a situation that will increase frustration when the weather turns cold.)”

A Call a Day Keeps the High Rise Away – Call City Council Campaign to Deny Proposed Westminster Canterbury 22 Story High Rise Development

Dear Shore Drive/Bayfront Residents,

It’s been 9 months since the community first learned of Westminster Canterbury’s plans to build the monstrous 22 story, 217 unit precedence setting high rise structure in the Bayfront neighborhood.  Next week, on Tuesday September 22nd at 6:00pm, City Council will hold the final hearing and vote on this application.  Mountains of information has been obtained by SDCC and the adjacent impacted residents.  This data be reviewed here https://weloveshoredrive.com/category/wccb/

Suffice to say, it can all come down to the votes of 7 Council Members.  With 3 of the 11 members recusing themselves due to Conflict of Interests, the remaining 8 would require a 5 to 3 vote in favor to approve the application.  A 4 to 4 tie vote fails.  So the goal to stop this proposed plan is to get 4 “NO” votes from the remaining 8 members.  One member, Mr. John Moss, has gone on public record as voting “NO”, so that leaves 7 members and the need to gain 3 “NO” votes.

With 7 days remaining until the hearing, we are asking all Bayfront Residents to call a different Council Member each day and ask them to vote “NO” to this proposed application.  Seven days and seven Council Members, pretty easy.  The list of Council Members and their contact information is provided below.

It’s pretty simple, just ask the Council Members highlighted in YELLOW below (in person if they answer or on their voicemail) to vote “NO” to the proposed WC High Rise.  Tell them the development doesn’t comply with any of the CIty’s codes, plans or guidelines and ask them to facilitate a civic discussion with the residents, developer and City Staff that can work towards a smaller and less dense compromise that isn’t precedent setting.

Here is the list of Council Members and their phone numbers.  If you don’t feel comfortable calling them, please send them an email.  You can send the entire City Council an email by using the following address, CityCouncil@vbgov.com

“It’s so tiny that it’s going to immediately diffuse into the environment. And plastics last, depending on the plastic, hundreds or thousands of years. That’s why we say it’s effectively permanent”

View WAVY.com for story.

“It was horrible. It was all bunched into all of the grasses, getting into the water. Just clearly a detriment to the animals around here. So, it was upsetting, to say the least.”