“To prepare for the threat of sea level rise in the coming decades, Virginia Beach will have to consider multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects, restricting new development in some parts of the city and purchasing properties in danger of flooding, according to a new report.”

Guess one of the top areas of VB at risk.

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Flooding in Virginia Beach is influenced by a host of factors. More intense rainfall, increased development on vulnerable lands and aging infrastructure have all contributed to more severe floods in recent years.

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Technically, the 22 story building that could be coming to Shore Drive is not a skyscraper.

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Westminster-Canterbury, a retirement community on the Chesapeake Bay that has been gobbling up adjacent properties to expand its campus, is moving forward with an ambitious proposal to the dismay of some of its neighbors.

eScooters Coming Back Starting April 1st with Stricter Rules

This Spring along with the flowers, eScooters will once again be sprouting up along Shore Drive communities as they did last year.  Although this time there will be a couple of new rules they must follow that should help with some of the safety concerns that worried many last year.  The most impactful changes for operation in our area will be:

  1. eScooters will be prohibited from operating on roadways posted with speed limits greater than 25 MPH.  So that means no scooters allowed on Shore Drive or North/West Great Neck Roads.  Neighborhood side streets, Cape Henry Trail and area sidewalks will be allowed.
  2. All eScooters operating along shared paths like the Cape Henry Trail will be limited to maximum speeds of 10 MPH.  This will hopefully make it safer when sharing the paths with bikes, walkers, strollers and joggers.

You can read more about the new changes at the following Virginia-Pilot article by Stacy Parker.  Click the quote below to read the entire article.

Speed limits will be capped at 15 mph throughout the city, except on shared paths, including Atlantic Avenue and the Cape Henry Trail off Shore Drive, where the speed limit will be 10 mph.

Scooters won’t be allowed on roads with speed limits greater than 25 mph.



“To protect more homes from future flooding and to lower flood insurance rates, Virginia Beach is considering funding a local program to buy out or elevate at-risk properties throughout the city.”

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There are hundreds of properties in the city that repeatedly flood. Local money could help fund a variety of strategies, including elevating homes, adding flood vents to properties, raising utilities and a quick-buy program after storms.

VBCPS is now accepting applications from current 10th grade students interested in attending the Environmental Studies Program, a new innovative program opening at the Brock Environmental Center in September 2020.

10th graders, start here to begin application process:

Application Process

Before entering grade 11, students will apply for admission to the program in the fall of their sophomore year. An essay formulated around the topics of Sustainable Economics and Business Innovation, Social Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resource Stewardship will be included in the application and will be used to identify candidates who show a passion for and interest in the fields of study. . . .

Editors note: Dream big and never quit. You never know what you’ll be able to accomplish in spite of it being “impossible”.