The Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) will be holding their annual Strategic Planning session prior to their regular meeting at 1 PM on August 20, 2020.

Email from Mark:

Good Morning,

Phil Davenport, Chairman of the Bayfront Advisory Commission, asked me to send out this email to the various civic league/homeowner association contacts to obtain written comments regarding two topics:

The Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) will be holding their annual Strategic Planning session prior to their regular meeting at 1 PM on August 20, 2020. Phil has requested that the various organizations provide BAC with their written comments/or concerns about the bayfront area in general to help with the strategic plan discussion.

At the regular meeting, BAC will be discussing the Westminster-Canterbury application. This item has been delayed until the August 25, 2020 City Council meeting. Please provide any written comments or concerns that your organization may have regarding this application.

Please email me your comments about these items no later than Monday 8/17/20 so I can compile and send to the BAC members prior to the meeting. BAC meetings are now being held at the Ocean Park Rescue Squad meeting room, 3769 E. Stratford Road to allow for more social distancing. However, due to the spacing requirements, there will be extremely limited seating.

Thank you for your help and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mark E. Shea, AICP
Comprehensive Planning Coordinator
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Planning and Community Development

Emphasis ours.

​City Manager Patrick Duhaney has declared a local state of emergency in preparation for the storm. “The Aug. 4 City Council meeting – items that were to be considered will be rescheduled for Council meetings on Aug. 18 or 25.”

Virginia Beach Prepares for Arrival of Tropical Storm Isaias Local Emergency Declared in Virginia Beach at

Due to expected high winds, rain and possible flooding from Tropical Storm Isaias, all City buildings and facilities will be closed Tuesday, Aug. 4. 

Closings & Cancellations for Tuesday, Aug. 4

  • The Aug. 4 City Council meeting – items that were to be considered will be rescheduled for Council meetings on Aug. 18 or 25. 
  • Recreation centers and Parks & Recreation summer childcare programs
  • Libraries
  • Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and Boat Tours.

Waste Collection Suspended on Tuesday
All trash, recycling, bulky item and yard debris collections are suspended. Collections will resume on a sliding schedule: Tuesday routes will be collected Wednesday, Wednesday routes on Thursday, Thursday on Friday, and Friday routes on Saturday, Aug. 8.


Our understanding is WCCB is now scheduled for August 25th.

From: Paige T. McGraw
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2020 2:15 PM
To: Todd Solomon
Subject: RE: August 4th City Council Hearing – Westminster Canterbury Expansion Item


The meeting tomorrow will be cancelled. The Westminster item will be heard on the 25th. Do you want to stay signed up?


Paige McGraw

City of Virginia Beach | Deputy City Clerk

2401 Courthouse Drive | Bldg. 1, Rm. 281 | Va. Beach, VA 23456

| 757.385.4303 |

“Subsequent to the Planning Commission Public Hearing The Applicant has provided Staff with a New submittal…” ~ Planning Director July 28 2020

Is it more appropriate to DEFER the Public Hearing scheduled for City Council Meeting August 4th 2020 to allow the City to hold the necessary public forum and reach an acceptable compromise rather than try to work a solution during a Public Hearing that also includes very real health risks for its participants considering:

  • The unknown recent changes
  • Large opposition to publicly seen proposed development
  • 3 Councilpersons needing to recuse themselves
  • Inconsistencies throughout the entire process to date
  • The complexity of the precedent setting “iconic building” WCCB will have in the Shore Drive Community for decades
  • Recent FOIA documents available below.
    Note: Attachments mentioned in many emails were not included for the public to view.





    Affects of the Westminster-Canterbury Expansion

    Re Westminster Canterbury potential expansion

    RE Westminster Canterbury Expansion concern

    RE Shore Drive Community Coalition Position Statement – Westminster Canterbury Expansion

    Westminster Canterbury Expansion concern

    Shore Drive Communtiy Coaltion Position Statement – Westminster Canterbury Expansion

    “We have 2 presentations coming up now because of the complexity . . .” ~ Mayor Dyer July 28th 2020

    It seems everyone understands how complex the proposed development is. What’s the rush to attempt to push it through with incomplete information & lack of public input on an unseen “new submittal”.

    WCCB process so far – “The lack of attention to detail is astonishing.”

    Obfuscation intentional or unintentional is not a good look for anyone involved in this process.

    A very brief illustration of where we are today in the City’s process of reviewing this “iconic building”.

    July 25th 2020 – SIGNAGE

    They still haven’t fixed the conflicting times (12:00 noon on two signs and 6:00 pm on two other signs), and the convention center is listed for the planning commission meeting on two of the signs, rather than the city council meeting which still says council chambers. The lack of attention to detail is astonishing.


    As of the most recent Bayfront Advisory Committee Meeting July 16th 2020, Planning Commission WCCB Transcripts were not available to the public, nor on the public record.


    Virginia Beach Planning Commission Public Hearing March 11, 2020 Minutes

    PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete PDF file we downloaded that day excluding WCCB TRANSCRIPT and compared to link of PDF at 40 pages were missing. Interestingly, the link to PDF at is not broken even though the PDF was changed adding WCCB TRANSCRIPT. In other words – the PDF was dramatically altered with no public record of alteration. Maybe it’s time the City time stamps all public records posted on the official record & when errors are made, add a description of the error and keep original incorrect document public.

    Planning Commission Official Page at including Transcripts.


    77% oppose WCCB proposal “in its current form”.



    Subject: Concern on City Manager Briefings

    This email content has three parts:

    1. City Manager
    2. Mayor
    3. City Council


    Why did you place West Minister and Thalia Wayside that are Planning items on City Manager Briefings?

    Who will be giving said Briefings?

    The briefing material is just a repackaging of the developer’s proposals. I did not see any of the opposition material being included. Is there a reason it is an unbalanced brief?

    This comes across as sales pitch for the developer where the other side does not get equal time.

    This is an example of the very issue I discussed with you last Wednesday evening.


    I will raise a vigorous objection to what is a less than balanced presentation of these two developments. If we are going to indirectly give the developers advertising for their developments than the opposition being the neighborhoods deserve to have their views represented as well with equal quality of graphics and content.


    This is not an approach that promotes unity or conveys neutrality by the staff.

    Since this email is subject to FOIA on this coming Sunday I will be posting the basic content of this email on Facebook.

    I requested sometime ago additional analysis on the Thalia Wayside project from staff, and I have not seen it yet on shared parking.

    Let me be clear, I take major exception to unbalanced briefing materials that undermine the public’s confidence on the neutrality of the staff and by our silence conveys City Council’s concurrence with an approach that at best is only the appearance of advocating for developers and at worst, well I leave that to your imagination.

    Now, if we are had two briefings representing the developers’ proposals and that of the opposition of equal length, quality, and time that would be a different story. Sadly that is not the case.

    We can do better than this. The voters, Council employers, expect more of us. This briefing should not happen. Whatever the motivation or perceived benefit that gave rise to the City Manager briefing, the political capital it wastes and the distrust of Council’s governance it promotes makes the presentation a major error of judgment.

    I trust that upon reflection between now and Tuesday that this an error of judgment we avoided versus executed.

    View the perception of the City Manager’s proposed briefing through the eyes of the voters and ask yourself as Council Members do you want to own that perception. I think not.

    For my colleagues on the ballot in November, some of whom I have endorsed, sustain the integrity of the judgment behind your vote (yeah or nay) by not remaining silent on what will be seen as a lack of impartiality in our governance.

    Warm regards

    John [Moss]


    Following the Planning Commission hearing, the applicant looked at ways to further mitigate the impact of the 22-story building on the adjacent properties to the east. As such, they are now proposing to move the building 15 feet on the ground level further to the west, away from the property line, as well as another 11 feet on levels 2 – 5. The dock area for the same building has been redesigned to confine trash operations behind doors with compactors within the building itself. Walls and ceilings inside the dock area will be lined with heavy duty sound attenuation panels. Along the eastern property line, an 8’ tall masonry wall is now proposed along with additional landscaping. The elevated bridge proposed over Starfish Road has been reduced in length by almost 60 feet and the bridge over Ocean Shore Ave has shifted slightly to the north. My apologies for the confusion about the Planning Commission date noted in the letter you received. That was a typo. You’re quite right in that the application was originally reviewed and recommended for approval on March 11th.

    William R. Landfair, AICP
    Planning Evaluation Coordinator | Planning & Community Development | Planning Administration
    2875 Sabre Street, Suite 500 | Virginia Beach VA 23452
    (757) 385 – 8745



    Subject: Westminister Canterbury

    I am writing you on behalf of the Bayfront Advisory Commission. City Council is scheduled to discuss and vote on the proposed addition to the Westminister Canterbury site on August 4. During the presentation to the Planning Commission the developers made statements to the effect that the Bayfront Advisory Commission approved their proposed project. In fact, the BAC, as a general rule, does not vote to approve or deny projects. We do provide advisory comments.

    The BAC did receive a presentation from WC in November. This was early in the project, and the developer had not yet contacted all of the neighboring residents. One of the BAC concerns was that the 22 story tower was too high and not in accordance with other development in the Shore Drive corridor. We were advised this was a “by right” design because it was for senior housing. This remains a concern with most of the residents in the corridor. There are other design concerns of the neighboring residents that the BAC has not vetted.

    The BAC is more than willing to provide more analysis of the project, including recent changes to the design, and to offer a specific recommendation to City Council, but that will require a one month deferral of City Council action.

    The BAC will await your direction regarding this issue.

    Phil Davenport
    Chairman, Bayfront Advisory Commission.

    View link at to JULY 28th 2020 CITY MANAGER’S BRIEFING FOR ITEM #7 WCCB

    Download PDF of JULY 28th 2020 CITY MANAGER’S BRIEFING FOR ITEM #7 WCCB (24 pages)

    If City Council truly values residents opinions and want to have a transparent process especially in an election year, they need to defer the Aug 4th hearing and hold several public forums to allow Bayfront community to discuss concerns and work towards common ground.

    No sun outlasts its sunset, but it will rise again and bring the dawn.

    ~ Maya Angelou

    Emphasis ours.

    Time To Take Action! The City Council will now be addressing the Westminster Canterbury expansion on August 4th, 2020.

    From the organized group in opposition to the WCCB Proposed Expansion, which if approved, will set a negative precedent in Shore Drive Community for the foreseeable future.

    Time To Take Action

    The City Council will now be addressing the Westminster Canterbury expansion on August 4th, 2020. As of now it looks like the meeting will be at The Virginia Beach Convention Center, but we do not have specifics as of yet. Please take the time to write and call all of the City Council members below and express the following.

    Let them know they are not making a smart decision by having a meeting of 200 to 250 seniors in one room to discuss such an important issue even with social distancing.

    Please let them know your concerns even if it means just sending the same or a similar letter that you sent the last time.

    We understand that phone calls are even more impactful than emails so please feel free to call the City Council members to voice your concern.

    Finally, we would like to suggest that you contact Governor Ralph Northam and encourage him to contact The Virginia Beach City Council and ask them to postpone such an important meeting and not risk the health of seniors that wish to voice their opinions about the Westminster Canterbury expansion plans.

    Please use the emails, links and phone numbers below to contact our representatives.

    Governor Ralph Northam
    or call him at (804) 786-2211.


    Use email below to communicate directly with individual Councilmembers & Mayor.

    Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer – Mayor –                       (757) 385-4581

    James Wood – Vice Mayor/Council Member –       (757) 366-1011
    Jessica Abbott – Council Member –                    (757) 344-3407
    Michael Berlucchi – Council Member –               (757) 407-5105
    Barbara Henley – Council Member –                   (757) 426-7501
    Louis Jones – Council Member –                         (757) 583-0177
    John Moss – Council Member –                           (757) 264-9162
    Aaron Rouse – Council Member –                         (757) 319-1398
    Guy King Tower – Council Member –                    (757) 600-4567
    Rosemary Wilson – Council Member –                (757) 422-0733
    Sabrina Wooten – Council Member –                 (757) 797-5625