Marlin Bay Apartments request withdrawal


Breaking News: The developers of the Marlin Bay Apartment complex have sent a letter to the city withdrawing the project from the City Council agenda. We support their request to withdraw the application and we thank the developers and owners for listening to the community’s concerns and reconsidering the potential redevelopment of those lots. We look forward to working with them on finding a mutual solution to this and other projects within the community.

Time to pursue an inspiring highest & best use for that unique parcel?

Take action now: Opportunity to change your Oct 19 attending City Council plans + dream big what you & especially your kids would like to be part of creating.

“The BAC passed a motion to not support the project stating that it did not meet the density recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan or the . . .”

View current plan for Marlin Bay Apartments.

Choices will be made at Planning Commission Meeting September 8th 2021 that will affect future generations – not only in Virginia Beach.

Is 197 apartments adjacent to Pleasure House Point the best land use of this parcel in The Gateway to Virginia Beach located near the internationally renowned Brock Environmental Center in a City that is 2nd nationally for impact from sea level rise after only New Orleans?

View details about Planning Commission Hearing

A Public Hearing of the Virginia Beach Planning Commission will be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall, Building 1, 2nd Floor at 2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Members of the public will be able to observe the Planning Commission meeting through livestreaming on, broadcast on VBTV, and via WebEx. Citizens who wish to speak can sign up to speak either in-person at the Council Chamber or virtually via WebEx by completing the two-step process below. A Staff briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m.. All interested parties are invited to observe.

Note: Proposal is ~ 50 units/acre. Proffers can be changed by future City Councils.

“I am certain you recall the significant destruction left in the wake of the 2019 Floatopia event that elicited substantial lawlessness and resulted in extensive beach debris – literally tons of debris was scattered across our beach and in the Bay for residents and City workers to clean.”

May 23, 2021

The Honorable Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer, Mayor
2401 Courthouse Drive,
City Hall Building #1, Room 281, Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

RE: Floatopia, Memorial Day 2021

Dear Mayor Dyer:

I am writing you with immediate and great concern. The Ocean Park bayfront community has once again been targeted as the location for the unsanctioned Floatopia event on Sunday, May 30, 2021. The event coordinators, Matthew David and Stephen Hobbs, are specifically targeting the Lesner Bridge channel and eastern Ocean Park beach. This concern is evidenced in the below social media posts.

I am certain you recall the significant destruction left in the wake of the 2019 Floatopia event that elicited substantial lawlessness and resulted in extensive beach debris – literally tons of debris was scattered across our beach and in the Bay for residents and City workers to clean. It was so destructive that it garnered attention from both national and international media. Attached are notes taken from the emergency Ocean Park Civic League meeting in the aftermath of the 2019 Floatopia, which many of you may have attended.

Mayor Dyer, We cannot allow this event to occur on our beaches again!

We, as a community in Ocean Park, are wholly opposed to this event and the terrible impact it had on our small community, as well as the terrible environmental impact left in its wake (beach and bay debris left behind to pollute our land and beaches and the untold impact on countless native species of fish, birds and other native animals).

Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away, and time is of the essence! With such a short window of time to act to prevent the Floatopia organizer(s) from unleashing another international debacle on our community again, our residents require immediate communication from you regarding the City’s plan to prevent a repeat of the 2019 disaster. Please respond with details as soon as possible and we will share your response with our residents.

Very respectfully,

Daniel Murphy
Ocean Park Civic League President

Cc:James Wood, Vice Mayor/Councilmember, Lynnhaven District #5
Louis Jones, Councilmember, Bayside District #4
Patrick A. Duhaney, City Manager
Paul W. Neudigate, Police Chief
Captain Jeffery Wilkerson, Commanding Officer 3rd Precinct
Mark Shea, Comprehensive Planning Coordinator, Bayfront Advisory Commission
Phil Davenport, Chairman, Bayfront Advisory Commission
Todd Solomon, Shore Drive Community Coalition
Chief, Prevention Department, Commander Dean Horton, Sr., U.S. Coast Guard
Frank Rabena, Vice President, Virginia Pilot Association

PREVIOUSLY: EMERGENCY MEETING Over 200 people attended including the Mayor, 2 Councilmen, City Manager, Public Works Director, 3rd Precinct Captain, Deputy Fire Chief, Deputy City Manager & other leadership.

Over 200 people attended including the Mayor, 2 Councilmen, City Manager, Public Works Director, 3rd Precinct Captain, Deputy Fire Chief, Deputy City Manager & other leadership from CoVB.

National & local coverage of FLOATOPIA trashing Ocean Park including videos & photos


Ocean Shore Condominium Association v. Virginia Beach City Council

Case # CL20006718-00

April 29 Thursday 2:15PM

Virginia Beach Circuit Court

Previously: Multiple Shore Drive Condominium Associations has organized a GoFundMe FUNDRAISER & LAWSUIT vs City of Virginia Beach & WCCB to stop precedent setting high rise in Shore Drive community subjectively approved by 5 City Council members

WCCB Category at here.

Bayfront Advisory Commission Virtual Meeting – Thurs. March 18 at 3:30pm – Special Presentation on Bay Beach Sand Replenishment

Virtual meeting is on Webex.  Information and links to join are listed after the agenda at bottom of page



       March 18, 2021

         3:30 p.m.


Please contact Mark Shea at 385-2908 or for the virtual meeting link.



Review and Approval of Minutes from 2/18/2021


Welcome Guests and Introductions – Bob Magoon, Vice-Chair



Design – Bob Magoon, Faith Christie, Joe Bovee (volunteer)

Communications – Vacant

Public Safety, Transit, Parking & Pedestrian Access – Charles Malbon


  • Modification of Conditional Use Permit for Overture development – identification signage.  Click here for images Overature Signage BAC Mtg
  • Shore Drive sand replenishment update – Dan Adams, Public Works






Virtual Meeting Information

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Meeting number (access code): 160 087 4247

Meeting password: SGA1


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+1-415-655-0003 US Toll

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Planning Commission Hearing on Short Term Rental Overlay District – Wed. March 10th at Noon.

The Planning Commission will be voting at their Wed. March 10th meeting to adopt a proposed ordinance change to Short Term Rentals.  The meeting will be held at Noon Wednesday in the VB Convention Center.  The Commission will recommend that Short Term Rentals(STR) be allowed in a Cape Story by the Sea overlay district that includes a section of the Cape Story neighborhood north of Shore Drive between First Landing State Park and the Food Lion shopping Center.  See the image below for the supported overlay district.

All STRs outside of overlay districts will be prohibited in the future if this ordinance is approved.  So that will make Cape Story’s overlay one of only 3 areas in the City that will continue to allow STRs for the future.  The Bayfront Advisory Commission, Shore Drive Community Coalition and Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association have all voted to oppose STR overlays.  So it appears that the Planning Commission and City Council are ignoring the residents and attempting to set up a process that will be detrimental to neighborhood communities.

Anyone opposed to the proposed STR overlay district in the Shore Drive neighborhood is asked to register to speak against the ordinance at the Wednesday meeting.  You can register to speak in person or virtually at the following link.  In-person set up will be limited and socially distanced, so virtual is probably the best option if you plan to speak.

More information regarding the proposed ordinance change and the Planning Commission and City Staff review can be found here Microsoft Word – 20210310PLN-CUR-02-Short Term Rental Ordinance (

To sign up to speak virtually or in-person, click here Planning Commission :: – City of Virginia Beach