Update on proposed parking lot for kayak launch on Pleasure House Point

View 2017_0606 PLAN11-019-20 REV1 with CE (1 page PDF)

From an email about tree inventory & parking lot design revision:

The parking layout provides 2 ADA parking spaces with the required access aisle area between the two spaces. The minimum access aisle between ADA spaces for vans is 8ft so that is why it appears to be able to accommodate 3 vehicles. The ADA spaces are on the east side of the drive aisle. The 3 parking areas for 15 minute only to drop off equipment are on the west side of the drive aisle.

We do not have a separate tree inventory. The consultant was asked to survey the location and size of trees 2” caliper and larger in the area of the construction entrance/parking lot and provide that information on a plan sheet.

From an email about ADA requirements:

The ADA standards do not have a specific chapter addressing kayak launches. We use Chapter 2 Section 235 as a guide for the parking requirements. Then follow the applicable requirements in Chapters 2, 5 and 10 for accessible routes, parking space sizes, etc.

This link is to Chapter 2-Scoping Requirements.

Within Chapter 2;

  • Section 206 addresses the accessible routes required
  • Section 208 addresses the “shortest accessible route” requirement between the facility and the parking.
  • Section 235 addresses the parking requirements for “Recreational Boating Facilities”. The parking requirements are based on a marina’s number of boat slips. We are required to provide 1 ADA space. Providing 2 spaces seemed reasonable given the minimal amount of space needed to add the second parking stall and the likely use of a fully ADA accessible launch site in this area of the Lynnhaven.

This link is to Chapter 5-General Site and Building Elements.

  • Section 502 addresses the dimensions of the parking spaces and access aisles.

This link is to Chapter 10-Recreation Facilities.

  • Section 1003 addresses recreational boating facilities requirements


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