Our Work


A partial list of issues we’ve worked on that affect our quality of life including safety in the Shore Drive Community:

  • COVID-19 2020 WORK
  • Pleasure House Point
  • Long Creek Wetlands
  • Shore Drive safety improvements
  • Shore Drive Safety Task Force 2006
  • Shore Drive Safety Initiative (SDSI) 2010
  • Lobbied for Community Rating System
  • Shore Drive Demonstration Projects’ feedback
  • Lesner Bridge Replacement
  • Shore Drive & Lesner Bridge design feedback
  • Infrastructure improvements like sidewalks, crosswalks, storm water…
  • Lynnhaven Boat Ramp & Beach Facility
  • SB926
  • Beach Replenishment
  • Beach Walkways
  • Preserving the 350+ year old Sea Ranch Live Oak
  • Helping Live Oaks become the City Tree
  • The City Marina
  • Adopt a Highway
  • Development, Zoning, Conditional Use Permitting…
  • Osprey Point Park
  • SDCC.info – founded 2003
  • Our eNewsletter Shore Drive Advocate

5 thoughts on “Our Work

  1. In the long view, the city (our City Council) must have and support a “vision”of what they want Virginia Beach to become. Short term (1 to 5 year) expenditures that do not support or add to the overall value of Virginia Beach are wasteful and ineffective. Putting emphasis on tourism may make the Oceanfront merchants and hotel people happy, but those dollars are effective only work during the tourist season.

    How does our city government support our military and its missions? If our military missions are decreased, the military population decreases impacting businesses, schools, housing prices, and major employers in Hampton Roads. Why did the real estate values and employment numbers during the great 2008 recession NOT take a major dive like the rest of the country? Our economy only decreased about 4% compared to the rest of the country at 8%. Our military and the industries that were supported provided a stable economic and employment base. So, why does the city and state support off shore wind power with large towers that would interfere with training and military missions? The military doesn’t want towers in their training and operating areas.
    If the city fails to adequately support our military, I know of other cities that would gladly provide support. Is supporting our military’s missions EVEN in the city’s long term Master Pan, or does the city only give it lip service and print space with poor follow through? How many of our City Council members have met and discussed the military’s needs with the officials who control the missions and expenditures? Does our city’s efforts enable the military or do we hamper them? Mutual air show disaster planning and training and sharing fire equipment is good, but how can the city better improve our support for the area’s military? Our city’s Master Plan and City Council’s efforts should fully support our military, not put up road blocks and wind towers in their face.

  2. The city has a budget that includes spending $ 100, 000 on flag poles and colorful flags—how functional!!! How about spending money on cleaning up the beaches regularly and providing portable restrooms for the beach like the oceanfront. Is the Bay not as important? There is constantly a problem of crabbers leaving trash on the beach after their overnight presence—should owners in the area be responsible for picking up their mess!?!

  3. I think it is, as always, a matter of priorities as there is never enough money (our tax dollars at the current tax rate) to accomplish all that has to be done. It is called a budget. The city has a budget just like the rest of us, but ask yourself if you are getting your fair share of return for your tax dollars. That is where the debate should focus. That is where citizens need to speak up at civic meetings and before the City Council. Are we along Shore Drive getting a fair share of return for our tax dollars? Some would say yes while others have the opposite opinion. We must have reasonable representation from City Council for our tax dollars.

    The mayor and the City Manager set the budget and it is approved by city council. What’s in the budget and how does it impact you? When you consider the expenses of future city projects like Light Rail, Convention Center, Parachute Practice Facility, loss of public parking at the Oceanfront, and the costs in tax payers’ dollars to support these projects, you might wonder if your dollars are being spend wisely, or are they supporting somebody’s agenda and political payback. It is all in the debate and in the politics of city government. Obviously, nothing would be done that would illegal, but are your concerns being heard? Some neighborhood’s concerns can be at the detriment of some other neighborhood. Where is the line between the “fair and reasonable” versus the “special interest”? It is all in the debate and the discussion. If we do not get involved in the discussion and if we do not hold our city representative accountable, then the debate will fall on deaf ears.

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  5. Since our beginnings in 1984, we have had many City of VB promises for stormwater drainage services on Sea Shell Road. Postponed year after year, & now drowning even more at times with the newer COA’s draining into our parking lot, we learn that this project “fell through the cracks” with VB personnel changes, that there are no moneys, no timeline, etc. CAN we revive this_ beyond the 09/29 WVEC coverage after the Sept. 2011 storm?
    Bay Breeze Villas COA _Board President_757.427.6576


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