LAKE BRADFORD / CHUBB LAKE DRAINAGE STUDY November 2019 | CIP 7-053 presentation from Open House, and Survey due DEC 12

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The City of Virginia Beach’s Department of Public Works is seeking public input on repetitive residential and roadway flooding within the area adjacent to Joint Expedition Base (JEB) Little Creek, Chesapeake Beach, Northampton Boulevard, and Shore Drive.

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An Open House Meeting was held by the Virginia Beach Public Works Department, November 14, 2019, at the Bayside Recreation Center.

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City District(s): Bayside

This project will be for the design, acquisition, and construction of stormwater and related roadway improvements necessary to alleviate widespread flooding due to moderate rain events, and during periods of significant high tides from the Chesapeake Bay. Lake Bradford and Lake Chubb are tidally influenced by the Chesapeake Bay via their outfall drainage ditch system that runs through Joint Expeditionary Base – Little Creek. The eastern portion of Stormwater Watershed 31 including areas west of Northampton Blvd and portions of Church Point and Thoroughgood drain into Lake Bradford before they drain through Little Creek and into the Chesapeake Bay. The drainage improvements include, but are not limited to, storm drain pipe and structure improvements, additional stormwater culverts under multi-lane arterial roadways, tide control devices such as mechanized sluice gates, stormwater management pond improvements and, potentially, some channel/ditch clearing.

“We would really like to see the city step up and take care of this area and implement Phase 4 and implement Phase 3 now,” said Ocean Park Civic League President Andrew Broyles.”

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“nothing really safe there for pedestrians”


“Shore Drive is the 3rd most traveled road in Virginia Beach”

Did you know it’ll be ~20 years between completing only 2 Phases of bringing Shore Drive up to the standards of the rest of the city.

Let’s step up and take care of this area now.

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Route 35 numbers include a September 2019 blowup increase in ridership!

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Please Note: when comparing the totals year over year(YOY) that Fiscal Year(FY) 2020 ends in June 2020.

Pro tip: Route 35 is a fun & easy way to travel around Shore Drive.

Thanks to everyone who continues to work on making Route 35 better!

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