Interested in serving on City Council representing the Bayside District?

As you know, Virginia Beach and the Bayside District lost our long time serving Mr. Louis Jones recently. The citizen appointed by City Council will hold office until Dec. 31, 2022 and must reside in the Bayside District.

Start here to learn more about applying to City Clerk Amanda Barnes.

3 items the potential candidate might be interested in advocating for for the Bayside District and Bayfront:

Helping enhance resiliency for SLR & storm water management plus helping leverage resources at Brock Environmental Center for Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads & Virginia.
Accelerating the completion of Phase 4 in Ocean Park.
Actively engage with SDCC, BAC, Civic Leagues & bayfront residents.

Thanks to VB Parks & Rec for the friendly reminder!

Friendly reminder to keep dogs on a leash in our parks and natural areas to protect our environment and other wildlife, especially during nesting season as eggs and hatchlings from vulnerable diamondback terrapins can be threatened by unleashed dogs 🐢🐢🐢

We also want to remind folks when non-biodegradable confetti or microplastics are used to make popular gender reveal announcements, the wildlife habitat at our parks and natural areas suffers greatly. This harmful litter also pollutes our waterways which affects our community and our environment. 

It is critical that we all do our part to leave no trace and help protect and preserve our environment, waterways, and wildlife 🌎🌾🍃🐢🦮🐾

“Assist the Environmental Science Program teachers and coordinator in performing specific duties as assigned or undertaking specialized tasks.”

Looking for a great job at Pleasure House Point?


Under the direction of the school coordinator and staff, the person will work in providing assistance to the Coordinator and Teacher of the Environmental Studies. The employee in this class is responsible for performing clerical and instructional tasks as well as participating and supporting the daily indoor and outdoor activities.

The successful candidate must be able to work collaboratively with VBCPS team members, Chesapeake Bay Foundation staff, community stakeholders, and students.

Learn more about Environmental Studies Program here.

Our sincere condolences to Mr Louis Jones’ family, friends & associates.

He accomplished an enormous amount for Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads over his decades of leadership & service.

Statement by Mayor Robert D. “Bobby” Dyer on 

the passing of Councilman Louis Jones

​Today, I share with you my heartfelt sadness because of the sudden loss of a great leader and friend in our community.  Council Member Louis Jones dedicated decades of service to our community as a former Mayor, Vice Mayor, and council representative for the Bayside District.

His legacy is drawn from so many significant milestones and accomplishments for the city: the Lake Gaston pipeline, a new convention center, expanded growth in recreation centers throughout the city, protection of our coastal resources, and all the many challenges we overcame as a rapidly growing city.  His experience and love for his city helped us succeed on so many levels that carried us into the new millennium. 

Louis was a true leader, working and leading organizations throughout Hampton Roads:  Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, Hampton Roads Metropolitan Planning Organization, Atlantic Park Community Development Authority, Bayfront Advisory Commission, the City’s Development Authority, the Lake Gaston Water Task Force, the Military Economic Development Advisory Committee, the Minority Business Council and the Stormwater Appeals Board. These were just a few of the many groups where Louis gave of his immeasurable time and commitment.  

Personally, I very much enjoyed serving on the Virginia Beach City Council with Louis.  In 2004 when I came on City Council, he took me under his wing as friend and mentor, and we formed a very strong bond and close friendship.  Louis was blessed with extraordinary business acumen and the ability to look at a situation, assess it, and cut to the core of the problem. Above all, his talent to inspire people resulted in so many good things for our city over the years.

Vision, persistence, knowledge, kindness, and love for Virginia Beach and its people were just a few of the characteristics that described Louis.  His dedication to Virginia Beach and the Bayside District was limitless. Because of his belief in what he did and his graciousness when working with anyone and everyone, we are a far, far better city.  I will miss him more than I can say.  

On behalf of all the members of our City Council, as well as the members of the City of Virginia Beach government, I express our condolences and deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.