“More than six times that amount will be placed on the beach beginning early next year.”

Article about eroded Ocean Park beach at Pilotonline.com.

The city is partnering with the Virginia Port Authority, which is deepening the channel used by container ships bound for the Norfolk Harbor. Great Lakes Dredge & Dry Dock, which replenished the Oceanfront beach three years ago, will pump “beach quality sand” dredged from the channel onto Ocean Park beach.

Eastern Shore Drive Stormwater Improvements (CIP 7-151) presentation slides

Thanks to Mr Bradley W. Vanderwarker CoVB Engineer responsible for this crucial project for providing this presentation & especially for continuing to come out to meetings to share project updates, take questions & provide timely updates on a daily & weekly basis.

You may remember this is work being done before Phase 3 work starts.

VB WAVE Ridership Data FY19-FY21

Official Ridership Data including Route 35 from HRT.

Route 35 did not operate in FY20. Ridership in FY21 seems fairly strong considering everything that’s happened since Covid19 hit.

Maybe HRT & City of VB will market Route 35 more in the Bayfront area as it seems most are not familiar with how great Route 35 is for locals.

At gohrt.com/route/35/ page Click “Show Route Map” to view live location of Route 35’s buses.

Learn more about Route 35 at our page.

“After a long night of debate, the city council voted to table the motion until July 13.”

Coverage at WTKR.com.

“They would not be allowed in other parts of the city unless they’re grandfathered in, but people living in different areas could petition the city to become an overlay district.

During hearings for individual short-term rental applications, people voiced their general support and opposition for short-term rentals in the city.