“Officials have said the project could be accelerated if more funding became available through a possible $430 million bond referendum this November.”

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 It also faces the costliest damage from today’s conditions, according to the city’s new sea level rise study. That’s true under short-term and long-term sea level rise projections, too.

Sanitary gravity mains under Cape Henry Ditch update

From a project manager’s email about Phase 1C.2 stormwater work:

The 15-inch and 27-inch gravity sanitary sewer mains that will be relocated from under the Cape Henry Ditch to underneath Cape Henry Drive will remain gravity systems (not force mains). These mains drain down west all the way down to the Public Utilities Pump Station at Lynnhaven Colony Park.

We will be replacing the Sanitary Gravity Mains from Ebb Tide Road to Starfish Road, quite a long stretch, about 1,488 Linear Feet. The plan is to upgrade the 15-inch to 18-inch currently, but maintain the 27-inch size.

Note: Phase 1C.2 is in red.

Lynnhaven Colony Civic League Meeting – Westminster Canterbury Presentation. “All welcome, need not be a member to attend.”

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Lynnhaven Colony Civic League Meeting will have a presentation by Westminster Canterbury of their proposed expansion. They propose building a 22 story building at the former Lynnhaven fishing pier with additional construction.
All welcome, need not be a member to attend.

Sat, Feb 8, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Dockside Seafood & Fishing Center

“Virginia Beach’s new flooding models are as advanced as any in the United States”

Article at Pilotonline.com:

If Virginia Beach doesn’t take action to guard the city from more extreme flooding, its bond rating could be affected, officials have said.

After the flood models are completed at the city’s Public Works Stormwater Engineering Center, work begins on designing things like tidal backflow prevention devices. As seen Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (Stephen M. Katz)

Article has a terrific amount of info.

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Finally, if you’re familiar with our work preserving Pleasure House Point, you may find a connection in this article.

Stormwater Engineering Center page at VBGov.com has many resources

View page at VBGov.com here:

The stormwater staff of the Public Works Department work to minimize flooding and protect the quality of Virginia Beach’s waterways by managing stormwater.

Resources include:

Stormwater Master Planning

The City of Virginia Beach is currently updating its citywide stormwater master plan, which was first completed in the early 1990’s.

Lake Bradford & Lake Chubb Stormwater (CIP 7-053)

Current Update

RK&K was chosen to provide technical engineering services and will analyze the City’s Master Drainage stormwater model for Watershed 31 to identify drainage improvements within the Lake Bradford Drainage Basin. The stormwater model was recently completed and RK&K have begun their analysis. Lake Bradford and Chubb Lake were identified as part of Targeted Area 4 in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) developed between Norfolk, Virginia Beach, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC), and several U.S. Navy installations including Joint Expedition Base (JEB) Little Creek. Engineering design work has begun for two early drainage improvement projects.​

Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvements


Section 1F – Neighborhood Storm Drain Improvements North of Shore Drive

Section 1G – Neighborhood Storm Drain Improvements South of Cape Henry Drive

Phase I, Section II Poinciana Pump Station and Outfall (Cape Story By The Sea): This project includes replacing the existing pump station on Sandalwood Road. Collection system improvements will be constructed along Sandalwood Road, Bayberry Street and Poinciana Drive. The current proposed outfall force main alignment is down the center of Maple Street.​​