Milling and Paving of Shore Drive to Start Monday Aug. 15th.

Public Works Announces Two Road Work Projects Starting on Aug. 15

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (Aug. 12, 2022) — Virginia Beach Public Works has announced two road improvement projects, one on Shore Drive and another on Edwin Drive, will begin on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022.  

The work on Edwin Drive (north- and southbound) will be from: 

  • Independence Boulevard to South Boulevard,
  • Expressway Drive from Edwin Drive to South Boulevard
  • Investors Place from Independence Boulevard to the cul-de-sac,
  • South Boulevard from Colonial Parkway West to Independence Boulevard
  • Southport Circle

The project on Shore Drive (east- and westbound) will occur from:

  • Kendall Street to Beech Street
  • Lynnhaven Drive from Great Neck Road North to Great Neck Road West
  • Great Neck Road West from the cul-de-sac to Adam Keeling Road
  • Adam Keeling Road from Great Neck Road North to Great Neck Road West

Both projects will include milling, paving, and pavement marking improvements. Work hours will begin at 7 p.m. each evening and end at 5 a.m. The projects will likely produce traffic delays, congestion, and some construction noise. Advanced warning signs will be clearly posted advising motorists of lane closures. Citizens are urged to use alternate traffic routes when possible.

Work on Edwin Drive is scheduled to be complete by Wednesday, Aug. 24. Shore Drive improvements are scheduled to be complete by Wednesday, Aug. 31. All scheduled work is weather permitting.

Virginia Paving is the contractor for both projects. For additional information, contact Dennis Simon at 757-385-1470, or Lonnie Minson with Virginia Paving at 757-675-8714.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation ordered to stop work on 3 Virginia Beach reefs after inspections find asphalt chunks, metal wire

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission mandated that Chesapeake Bay Foundation projects at Pleasure House Creek Oyster Reef, Brown Cove Reef and Keeling Drain Reef be halted due to public safety and environmental issues, according to a letter from the agency dated today.

A Virginia agency ordered work to cease on three human-made reefs in Virginia Beach.

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Two VB Public Input Surveys – Art & Lights Festival and 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Virginia Beach is asking for public input on two topics. Surveys for each item can be found by clicking the link in paragraphs below. Please take a moment to help shape the future of our City. Let your voice be heard.

International Art and Light Festival Feasibility Survey

The City of Virginia Beach engaged Keen Independent Research LLC (Keen Independent) to conduct a study to assess the feasibility of an international art and light festival at or near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in the future. Similar festivals present large-scale, illuminated and interactive art installations created by local, regional and international artists that are on display for about 10 days and have free admission.  

The public input survey will be open for submissions June 21 – July 5, 2022.

International Art and Light Festival Feasibility Survey –

Shaping Tomorrow Today: 2040 Comp Plan Phase 2

In 2019, the City initiated a survey to gather citizen input for the update of the Comprehensive Plan. This survey is meant to build off the 2019 survey to understand the current preferences of Virginia Beach residents and to analyze whether those preferences have shifted since 2019. 

Please provide a response to the questions below by Sept. 1.

Shaping Tomorrow Today: 2040 Comp Plan Phase 2 –

Shore Drive Commercial Property Development Plan Public Engagement Opportunity

Residents have an opportunity to comment on potential plans for commercial development in the Shore Drive corridor. Proposed plans include mixed use development, pedestrian friendly connectivity, storm water prevention. If interested, please attend or submit comments at the links below

Public Meeting on Commercial Area Pattern Book and
Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit Set for June 30

​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (June 17, 2022) —​ ​A public meeting for the community to provide input on concept drawings and illustrations for the Commercial Area Pattern Book and Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit will take place from 5:30-8 p.m. on Thursday, June 30, at the Planning and Community Development Office, 2875 Sabre St., Suite 500.

The Virginia Beach Department of Planning and Community Development, in partnership with consultant Work Program Architects (WPA), introduced these projects to the public in February as “Community Revitalization Guidelines.” This two-part project evolved into the Commercial Area Pattern Book and Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit. WPA will present preliminary concepts based on the public input received in February and March for each project. Upon assessment and comment of the concept drawings and illustrations, drafts of both documents will be developed for further public review.

When completed, the Commercial Area Pattern Book will identify neighborhood compatibility strategies and develop design concepts based on community patterns, vision, and market trends within the strategic growth areas (SGA) and suburban areas of the city. The Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit will provide guidance, flood resiliency strategies and best practices for residents in the Bow Creek area, which could be adapted to other areas of the city.     

For more information about the project, contact Mark E. Shea, AICP at or visit

​The City of Virginia Beach is inviting the public to share their opinions on proposed amendments to the City’s noise ordinance. 

Proposed Changes

The proposed changes to the noise ordinance would streamline enforcement with reduced reliance on specialized sound meter equipment. The proposed ordinance would establish a hybrid penalty structure, imposing civil penalties for some violations while preserving criminal penalties for repeat or severe violations.  

A key change in the noise ordinance is the addition of a “plainly audible” standard, where certain sounds that are plainly audible inside an individual’s home or beyond a specified distance from its source would constitute violations.  Sound is plainly audible if it can be heard by the human ear with or without a medically approved hearing aid or device.  A violation of the plainly audible standard would result in a civil violation punishable by a fine of $250 for a first offense. Excessive noise as determined by decibel readings will continue to be violations under the proposed ordinance and may result in misdemeanor charges.  

Click here to learn more about the proposed changes-

Click here to provide comments regarding the proposed changes –

VB Residents Invited to Learn More About Changes to Local Election System

VB Residents Invited to Learn More
About Changes to Local Election System

Redistricting changes will impact how voters elect their City Council representatives.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (June 13, 2022) – The City of Virginia Beach invites residents and voters to attend any of the three upcoming public information meetings to learn more about the new VB10 election system and ask any questions they may have about this topic. Following a federal court case, the City’s original method of electing City Council representatives has been replaced with a new 10-1 system.

This change divides the city into 10 districts of approximately equal voting age population, replacing the 7-district, 3 at-large, and 1 mayor system. Most notably, Virginia Beach voters will now only be able to vote for a single City Council representative for their district, plus the mayor, when that seat is on the ballot. The City’s redistricting does not impact state or federal representation.

Interested individuals who wish to ask a question in advance may do so by email, voicemail, or text. Speaker registration information and the ways to provide feedback are available online at Meeting dates and times are as follows:

  • Wednesday, June 22 | 6 – 7:30 p.m.
    In person and virtual participation options available
    City Council Chambers (Old City Hall)
    2403 Courthouse Drive
    • Email questions to
    • Leave a voicemail by calling 855-925-2801 – use meeting code 4863
    • Text WW4481 to 855-925-2801
  • Thursday, June 23 | 6 – 7:30 p.m.
    Virtual meeting
    • Email questions to
    • Leave a voicemail by calling 855-925-2801 – use meeting code 4863
    • Text A57886 to 855-925-2801
  • Wednesday, June 29 | 12:30 – 2 p.m.
    Virtual meeting
    • Email questions to
    • Leave a voicemail by calling 855-925-2801 – use meeting code 4863
    • Text R32313 to 855-925-2801

All meetings will be livestreamed on Submitted questions will be answered whether or not the submitter is present. Those who wish to watch and not ask a question do not need to register to view or attend any of the meetings.

“This change to our election system is a significant shift from how City Council members have been elected previously,” said Virginia Beach Communications Director Tiffany M. Russell. “We want to ensure our residents are well-informed about this change and what it means before they show up to vote this November. Come share your voice on your schedule on or join us at one of the meetings in person or virtually.”

More information about the changes to the Virginia Beach election system can be found online at

About SpeakUpVB

Hearing from our residents about the topics and decisions that will impact where they live, work and play, is important to the City of Virginia Beach. SpeakUpVB is the one-stop shop for public engagement where Virginia Beach residents can provide feedback on topics of interest, attend virtual meetings, and review past meetings. Visit to view current surveys and public meeting opportunities.

SDCC Asks City Council and Virginia Beach Economic Development for Details Regarding $164 mil Pass-through Bonds for Westminster-Canterbury Project

At the time of this post, no contact has been received from any Council Member, VBED, VBDA or City Staff.

Follow-up email sent May 24, 2022

Dear Mayor Dyer and City Council Members,

I wanted to send this follow up email to confirm someone in the City is actively working on providing answers to the questions submitted last week.  To date, we haven’t received any reply to the request.  Excluding a blank email from Council Member Wilson, which I took to be a notification that she can’t discuss this issue due to her conflict of interest.

The community is aware that this 2nd round of Pass-Through Bonds was approved on consent with a 7-0 vote (2 COI, 2 Not Present), however, answers to the questions would go a long way to clearing up confusion that may be present in the community on this subject.

I assume the VBED department would be the ones to answer and if so, maybe Mr. Adams can send me the point of contact.  I will be happy to follow up with them rather than reply via these large distribution emails.

Thank you for consideration and action,

Todd Solomon

Shore Drive Community Coalition President

Original email request sent May 17, 2022

From: Todd Solomon []
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 1:20 PM
Subject: City Council Agenda – May 17, 2022 Item J(7) – Resolution to Approve $164mil Bond for WCCB
Importance: High

Dear Mayor Dyer and City Council Members,

I am passing on some concerns and questions that have been raised by the Shore Drive community regarding today’s upcoming agenda item J(7) -Resolution to APPROVE the issuance of Residential Care Facility Revenue Bonds up to $164-Million re Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay.

We would greatly appreciate replies to the items below to help us better understand the details behind this resolution request. 

  1. Will WCCB be exempt from property taxes or will they still be required to pay taxes during the bond period?  It is my understanding that with Industrial Revenue Bonds/Passive Activity Bonds (IRB/PAB), the City becomes the deed holder until the bond is paid off.  Bonds of this type usually exempt the developer from property taxes.  WCCCB has stated it needs no help with this project, waving property taxes would be considered help. 
  2. What are the VBDA’s rates/structure and what are the fees associated with this bond issuance?  Most municipalities charge a fee or have a fee structure to manage these types of bonds.  Example, Alexandria VA charges 25 basis points per bond amount and Loudoun has a structure Bond Financing Fee Schedule – Loudoun County Economic Development, VA  
  3. Doesn’t the City hold some risk albeit very small?  The City has stated that there is no risk to its bond rating for this request. If WCCB defaults on the bond payment and the bank covering the request isn’t able to sell the property or if the bank is no longer in existence, wouldn’t the City via the VBDA be next in line to cover the bond requirement? 
  4. How can the VBDA/CC justify approving an additional $164mil bond pass through request for the Independent Living (IL) tower until several key issues are resolved? The previously approved $110mil bond issuance supported WCCB’s Memory Unit construction.  This current request supports the IL tower which is still in litigation at the State Supreme Court.  The designs for the tower also require the relocation of the existing beach access which needs a super majority Council approval.
  5. Will the City/VBDA be asked to supply an additional bond for the remaining $140mil in the future?  The Fitch Bond Rating review below states that WCCB will need $400mil in debt service to complete the full campus expansion.  The previous $110mil approval plus this $164mil request still leaves $140mil.
  6. Where can I obtain a copy of the Bond Application submitted for this request?

Thank you for taking the time to educate us on this somewhat confusing method of financing development projects.


Todd Solomon Shore Drive Community Coalition President