We Remember – Honoring the Victims on the Anniversary of the 5.31.19 Shootings


The City of Virginia Beach is planning several opportunities for residents to remember the victims and their families this weekend as we mark the anniversary of the awful events of 5.31.19.

Please visit the Love for VB website for a full list of events – https://www.loveforvb.com/remembrance

Additional remembrance activities can be found at the VB Strong Center website – https://thevbstrongcenter.org/services/

Some of the weekend highlights include:

Friday 5.29.20 

  • Wear Blue in remembrance
  • Observe a moment of silence at 4:06pm

Saturday 5.30.20

Sunday 5.31.20

  • 4:06 Online Remembrance Ceremony.
  • Leave your porch light on blue/white in remembrance



Absentee Ballot Voting for June 23rd Primary has Started. It’s Easy and a Great Way to Social Distance. Use Reason Code 2A (My Disability or Illness)

Currently the City of Virginia Beach is planning to hold in person voting for the upcoming Republican Party Primary.  However, normal polling locations may change as a result of Covid-19 stay at home rules and election official worker availability.  Voting absentee is a quick and safe way to still vote without having to visit a polling location.  Information regarding how to sign up for Absentee Voting and a sample ballot are listed below.


Sign-up for Absentee Ballot here – https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation


Virginia Beach Voter Registrar Additional Voting Information here – https://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/voter-registrar/Pages/default.aspx


The City of Virginia Beach does not have May General Elections, our next schedule election is the June 23, 2020 Republican Party Primary Election. If you would like to submit an absentee ballot application to have your ballot mailed to you due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing you can submit the Virginia Absentee Ballot Application Form (SBE-701) only. The application can be submitted online​, by mail, email or fax. In section 3 please indicate Reason Code 2A (My disability or illness).

Click to access Election_Schedule.pdf




Lake Bradford – Chubb Lake Stormwater Improvement Projects – City Update #1

The following is the first City update for the Lake Bradford-Chubb Lake Stormwater Improvement Project.  Lots of good information, sign up with the City for direct email if you are interested in following this topic.  SDCC will also post future updates on our website, so you can keep informed that way as well.

Click here to see the survey results document.  Lake Bradford – Chubb Lake – Survey Results – January 2020

Folks/Bradford-Chubb Project Followers:

For those of you who are somewhat new to following Public Works projects, you will find that we at VBPW believe very strongly in keeping the public informed and allowing 2-way communications. That means keeping you informed of how our projects are progressing, letting you know when we hit a snag or there is a change in plans, and whenever there will be traffic delays or traffic pattern changes. It’s robust work, but someone has to do it . . . and I volunteered because my boss told me to.

I can’t stress enough our belief in this concept, particularly in terms of hearing from you. We’ve learned from experience that the better-informed we keep you, the less chance there is of misinformation being passed around or needless anxiety. That’s why we have set up this specific email address for your questions and concerns. As Mr. Richardson, stormwater engineering savant and project manager for this explains below – you can contact us through this email address, you can go to our web page, or you can contact me. One way or another, we will get you an answer and the information you seek.

You’ll find as we continue to send out these updates that we try and keep it light as well as informative. We want you to have the information you need and the answers you seek . . . otherwise I have a lot of explaining to do to my boss.

As you can see, the email address to use is: lakebradford@vbgov.com. The esteemed Mr. Richardson has attached additional information in his section. Once we establish some social media contacts, I will pass them along to you as well.

Lastly . . . . as in this is the last thing I will mention – if you know of someone who should be included in these updates, or WANTS to be included, please pass this along to them, or send me their information and I will add them to the list.

We hope to set these up on a regular basis and I will let you know as we go along. I hope you will find the information helpful, and don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.

Enjoy what looks to be a great weekend weather wise and if possible, don’t cough on each other.
Stay safe!

Drew Lankford
Media and Communications
Department of Public Works
City of Virginia Beach

(O) 757.385.8062
(C) 757.409.4353



As most of you know, Public Works – Stormwater Engineering held an open house/public meeting at the Bayside Recreation Center last November.

We organized the meeting because we wanted to hear from the residents as to what their concerns were and to get their help in identifying flooding locations in their neighborhood.

The meeting began with a presentation that provided some background and history of the Lake Bradford/Chubb Lake Drainage Study, along with reasons for the flooding and potential types of solutions.

After the presentation, attendees were directed to visit five stations that were set up around the room to gather different information. Of particular interest to the engineers was the station, “Flooding Locations/Surveys.” At this station, we encouraged everyone to mark areas of concern or known flooding on a map. They were also given a comment card to describe those concerns and the impact from the flooding in greater detail.

Prior to the meeting, we had developed an online survey for the public to take. We produced post cards with the survey link on the card to send to anyone who could not attend the meeting. That information was also given to the attendees, as well as the project’s web address – project’s webpage – where a link to the survey was available. Hard copies of the survey were also available at the meeting for those who preferred that method of input.

Much to our surprise – AND pleasure – we had over 100 people who participated in the survey. Thank you one and all who did – your input was very valuable in helping us understand your concerns about flooding and the impact on you. That kind of information is invaluable when developing our plans.

With the flooding locations map and the survey results, we were able to identify the problem areas and places of concern within the project area.
They included areas with known flooding problems in the neighborhoods of:
 Bayville Gardens
 Chesapeake Beach
 Chubb Lake Terrace
 Church Point
 Thoroughgood neighborhoods

Some of the roads identified as areas of concern or flooding during the survey include:
 Beaufort Avenue
 Brigadoon Drive
 Chubb Lake Avenue
 Hermitage Road
 Independence Boulevard (near the entrance to JEB LC)
 Lauderdale Avenue
 Lee Court
 Lookout Road
 Maycraft Road
 Northampton Boulevard
 Pleasure House Road
 Shore Drive

Not surprisingly, these areas and roads align almost perfectly with the areas we had identified in our stormwater model.

The results from the survey and the flooding locations map are attached, and a copy of the map is at the bottom of this email. You can also find a Summary of the Public Survey and Comments on our project’s webpage.

Since we met in November, the City and RK&K have continued to analyze the project area and develop a recommendation to help mitigate flooding. The analysis includes:
 Analyzing stormwater pipes and ditch capacities
 Rainfall and tide joint probabilities
 Sea level rise

One of our tasks now is to analyze each area within the project area with each of these possible scenarios.

As we all know, the public health crisis due to Covid-19 has scrambled all schedules, but IF things can work out, we hope to have another public meeting sometime this fall. If it doesn’t work out that we can meet as a group, we will look into some electronic options that may be possible.

Again, we want to thank each and every one of you who have participated in some way: attending the meeting, marking maps, taking the survey, emailing us your thoughts and comments, and all the other ways you have contributed. We feel strongly that this can be a very successful project with your suggestions and feedback.

Please contact us at lakebradford@vbgov.com with your comments and questions. Also, go to our website at http://www.vbgov.com/lakebradford for updated information.

If you have any pictures of flooding, please email them to stormpics@vbgov.com. Please include the location, date, and time the picture was taken.

Again, thank you for your participation in this project and we look forward to continue working with all of you. Please stay safe during this difficult time.

Matthew Richardson, Project Manager
Lake Bradford / Chubb Lake Drainage Study (CIP #7-053).
Public Works – Engineering
757-385 -4131

VNG Work Along Shore Drive Median Scheduled to Finish Feb 2021. Be Prepared for Traffic Pattern Changes.

Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) has begun replacement of gas piping under the median of Shore Drive between Cape Story and the Lesner Bridge.  Most of the work is expected to take place on weekends and the current schedule has a construction finish date of Feb 2021.  This work is being done as an upgrade for VNG systems and is taking place prior to the City’s planned Shore Drive Phase III improvements which will start shortly after VNG is finished in 2021.

The following information is being presented to help residents prepare for the new traffic patterns that will be required to support VNG’s work.  VNG plans to spend 2 weekends at each intersection, start at North Great Neck Road and work their way westward to the Lesner Bridge.  Below you will find an email with some Q&A between SDCC and VNG.  You will also find the City approved traffic pattern plans and a VNG information flyer that was sent to residents living on Shore Drive.

Traffic Pattern Plans – Click here Traffic Plan Shore Dr Relocation Approved_Median_10-9-19

VNG Informational Flyer – Click here VNG_ShoreDrRelocation_Community Outreach Factsheet



Good Morning Mr. Solomon,

I appreciate your outreach and interest in the project. To answer the following questions you have:

1) Can someone send us the tentative schedule for the complete project? Preferably one that brakes it down by stages or intersections per week.

– Unfortunately we do not have a tentative schedule for these projects. We let our Contractor continue with the work to meet the deadlines – We are looking to complete this project by Feb 2021. What we can do to assist is make contact with you when we move along Shore Dr. in order to keep everyone informed giving estimated times within the intersections. Usually these intersections will only take ~2 weekends when drilling under.

2) The plans appear to keep each lighted intersection and median cut open when the left turn lanes are closed off. This didn’t happen during last Saturday work. What will be done differently moving forward? Will police be staged at these locations and if so will they just be at the lighted intersections, median cuts or both?

– Our Contractor and their associated Traffic Control Company will follow the plans as approved by the City. I realize their was an issue last weekend which has since been corrected. Their will be off-duty Police Officers at each lighted intersection along with the correct detour signs if needed.

3) Is there a point of contact residents can get in touch with on weekends if things don’t look right? Cell or email contact would be helpful.

– In the beginning of February I sent out a Community Outreach letter with information about the project along with affected streets and VNG contact information if any concerns or questions should come up. Our Contractor in each of the areas prior to working have door hangers in which lets the directly affected homeowner know that we will be in the area soon, what to expect, and provides a VNG point of contact. I have attached the Outreach Letter to this email that you can post in the Civic Leagues news letter if you would like.

Thank you sir,

Ben Longstreet
Intermediate Engineer
Mobile: 757.359.8203
Office: 757.466.5519


City Council Decides to Move Forward on Hearing Planning Items Using Online and In-Person Social Distancing Practices.

Hello Shore Drive Residents,

I pray you are all doing well during these unprecedented times.  Stay safe and stay healthy.

As City Council has been progressing with how they plan to continue public hearings during these trying times, the SDCC has asked Council to specifically defer all Planning Items that have opposition until normal reviews can be safely implemented.

Based on the May 5th Council hearing, video review of the meeting can be seen here, it appears Council is set to move forward with hearing all Planning Items even if they are highly opposed such as Westminster-Canterbury’s 22 story high rise Assisted Living Facility.  Council has suggested to hold highly contested items such as Westmister-Canterbury in larger spaces like the Convention Center to allow for 6 foot social distancing requirements.  Specific details are still being determined by Council, so please continue to follow our website posts to stay up to date on how and when these Planning Items will be heard.



Emails asking City Council to defer any Planning Item that has opposition.


Email 1:

Dear Mayor Dyer and Council Members,

I am sending this email again in regards to your review of hearing Planning Items during the State’s “Shelter in Place” by utilizing virtual meetings.

I would ask that no Planning items be heard unless failure to do so would result in irrevocable harm or have a direct impact on the pandemic emergency.

If you decide to start hearing general Planning items, then I would recommend you only hear items that have no opposition so you can vote on them by consent. If an item has any opposition, then it should be deferred until normal in person hearings can be resumed.

Thank you for this consideration,

Todd Solomon



Email 2:

Dear Mayor Dyer and Council Members,

I commend you all for working towards a method to allow for remote participation during various public meetings. Using technology to help maintain social distancing during these close quarter and sometimes large attendance gatherings is the right thing to do.

However, I am confused why the “Resolution to suspend certain portions of the City Council Speaker Policy” doesn’t include the suspension of Planning Agenda Items (Section 2.1) along with the recommendation to suspend Regular Agenda (Section 2.2) and Non-Agenda/Open-mic (Section 2.3) Items. Already, Planning Items from March and April are being deferred and I can’t think of any possible Planning Items directly related to the Covid19 crisis or ones where failure to act would result in irrevocable public harm.

With the Governor’s “Shelter in Place” decree effective until June 10th, wouldn’t the safest and smartest action be to also suspend Planning Items from City Council agendas during this emergency period?

If for some overarching legitimate reason the Planning Items have to remain, then I suggest that Planning Items with any opposition be automatically deferred as long as this emergency policy is in place. This would still allow unopposed items to be approved by consent. Deferring opposed items would minimize a resident’s health risk of attending Council meetings in person and should also make remote virtual meetings easier to manage since there will be less online speakers.

Thank you for your consideration to this request,

Todd Solomon


Construction at Intersection of Shore Drive and North Great Neck Rd. Scheduled to Continue Until Sat. May 9th

The following are email updates from City Engineer Brad Vanderwarker regarding the storm water improvements along the Cape Henry Trail ditch and intersection with N. Great Neck Road.  Work is scheduled to continue, weather permitting, over the next 2 weeks until Saturday May 9th.  Traffic patterns at the intersection of Shore Drive and N. Great Neck and near the Cape Henry Trail will be changing to support the different construction operations, so please be aware and be safe.


Email #1 – Unfortunately, this up and down weather has been tough recently at N. Great Neck Road. We have coordinated with Traffic Engineering and should be complete with the storm drainage portion northerly up by the intersection by the end of this weekend (4/25).

Weather permitting next Monday, 4/27, we will drop back and work on the southerly drainage outfall near the Cape Henry Trail that is projected to last 1 week, till 5/2.

Following that work will be the restoration portion to include curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway apron and paving along that entire corridor. We anticipate the restoration work to take one week (5/4-5/9).

Email #2 – I just received clarification that next week (4/27 thru 5/2), we will return traffic flow to normal using the dedicated right turn “slip ramp” with a taper transition to the left lane(s) of southbound N. Great Neck Road, during construction of the work near the CHC.

The following week (5/4 thru 5/9), when we are constructing the restoration elements, we will bring motorists all the way up to the signal and turn right.

New Traffic Pattern at Intersection of Shore Drive and North Great Neck Road

In support for Storm Water drainage improvements, a new traffic pattern will be temporarily used for the intersection of Shore Drive and North Great Neck Road.

The new pattern will be set up Monday through Saturday, 7am to 7pm for the next two to three weeks.  Please be careful as you head south onto N. Great Neck at this intersection.

Click here to read the City’s News Release on this subject – 20200401-News Release – REVISED -N Great Neck Road – March 2020

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced a change in the schedule for work crews as stated in the news release of 2/16/2020; RE: the Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvements project.
The work schedule for the crews is revised as follows for Southbound Traffic (west side) of North Great Neck Road:
Original Schedule:
7 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday, April 5, 2020 through June 7, 2020.
Revised Schedule:
Beginning April 6th, 2020, there will be daytime work through Friday (Saturday if needed) 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The road will be re-opened at the end of each daily shift, to include temporary paving of the excavation, clean up and removing traffic control before returning it to the original traffic pattern each evening. Work at this location is expected to be complete by April 24th, 2020.