Westminster Canterbury Expansion Update – City Council Member Status

As you all know, the City Council hearing for the proposed Westminster Canterbury expansion is now scheduled to take place on Tuesday August 25th.  The following is a brief update on what City Council Members positions/interest is to date.

3 Council Members have recused themselves from discussing, commenting and voting on this application due to conflict of interests.  Those members are Jim Wood – Lynnhaven District; Louis Jones – Bayside District and Rosemary Wilson – At-large.

Out of the remaining 8 Council Members, 7 have yet to meet with residents or attend a civic meeting where this expansion was discussed or presented.

1 Council Member, Mr. John Moss, has publicly made the decision to oppose the expansion.  His Facebook post is shown below.


City Council Still Plans to Hear Westminster-Canterbury Expansion on Aug. 4th – Community Input Needed

On Tuesday City Council decided to move ahead with the scheduled Aug 4th hearing of the Westminster-Canterbury proposed expansion plans.  The hearing will take place in the Convention Center and start at 6:00pm.  We have been told this site will allow adequate social distancing even with the recent reduction of allowable group sizes from 250 to 50.  You can also participate virtually if you are in a high risk category.

The Shore Drive Community Coalition is asking the residents of the Bayfront Community to provide City Council with your opinions on this proposed development.  This is a once in a lifetime decision that can cause adverse ripples for many years to come.  Here are several ways you can let your voices be heard.


  • Sign up to speak (in-person or virtual) at the Tuesday Aug 4th hearing.  Call the City Clerk at 385-4303 or email her at ABarnes@vbgov.com and inform her you wish to talk on the Westminster-Canterbury item.


  • Send an email to City Council and the Staff Planner.  It can be a short few sentences of what you think about this project or it can be several paragraphs of stories or analysis.  Any email is welcomed.  Send your emails to the following:  City Council – CityCouncil@vbgov.com and City Planner Bill Landfair – WLandfair@vbgov.com


For reference, the official letter of opposition from SDCC to City Council is included below.  Feel free to copy and paste information from this letter into your emails if you need.  City Council Deny Request Letter for WC22


Dear Mayor Dyer and City Council Members,

On behalf of the Shore Drive Community Coalition (SDCC), we formally request that City Council “DENY” the subject request from Westminster Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay (WCCB) for a modification of conditions to build a 4 story parking garage with 22 story tower senior living facility and a 7 story memory unit facility connected by enclosed elevated pedestrian bridges over public roadways.

The SDCC is a 20 year old umbrella civic organization representing many neighborhood civic leagues, condo and homeowner associations along the Shore Drive corridor.  At our February general meeting, we unanimously voted on the following motion regarding the current proposed WCCB development,

“The Shore Drive Community Coalition opposes the Westminster Canterbury expansion proposal as it is in violation of the Shore Drive Overlay density restrictions and the Business 901 height restrictions”

The proposed project defined as “Housing for seniors” violates the following City codes and plans.

  • Shore Drive Corridor Overlay Section 1704- Density requirements of maximum 24 units per acre. The proposed 22 story tower lot size is 2.56 acres.
Density Design Units/acre % over code Total Units
Shore Drive Overlay (24/acre) 24 0% 61
Other States Codes for Affordable Housing 28 +20% 73
Existing Westminster Canterbury Campus Density 50 +40% 86
Proposed 22 Story Tower 85 +255% 217


  • Business District Section 901(a) – Senior housing building height restriction of 165 feet. The 22 story tower has a height of 250 feet.  This City code requirement appears to have been created to allow safe evacuation of elderly residents in case of emergency.


The SDCC understands that Council will be using “City Code Section 235 – Housing for seniors and disabled persons” to approve random densities for these types of projects, however, this code also requires Council to evaluate the project with the following guideline.

The mass, or overall size, and height of the structure should be appropriate to the surroundings.

Based on numbers alone, it seems the proposed 22 story tower fails on height and mass.

The SDCC is also concerned that this project will set a harmful precedent for future development requests of high density taller tower structures in Business B2 and B4 zoning that would be incompatible with the surrounding residential and lower density multi-family dwellings that make the Shore Drive Corridor unique.


Thank you for your consideration in denying the subject application,

Todd Solomon – SDCC President

City Council Hearing for Westminster Canterbury Proposed Expansion Officially Set for Aug 4th at the Convention Center

City Council’s official agenda notice for their Aug 4th Council Meeting has Westminster Canterbury’s proposed expansion listed as Agenda Item #1.

Please note that the hearing has been moved due to the large attendance expected and will be held at the City’s Convention Center.  The meeting start time is still 6pm and seating will arranged to allow adequate social distancing for all those that wish to attend in person.  Make sure to arrive early since this is the first item on the agenda.

The hearing will also be held virtually, so you can still sign up to speak using a computer or smart phone.  Follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the notice.



Bayfront Advisory Commission Meeting – Thursday July 16th at 3:30pm at OPVRS

The following notice was received from City Staff identifying the upcoming BAC general meeting on Thursday July 16th at 3:30pm.  The meeting location will be the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad meeting hall.  If you are unable to attend due to Covid-19 concerns, please note that the OPCL is offering a opportunity to view the Live Stream of the meeting.  If you are interested in that option, please contact Mark Shea at the email address below.

Here is the proposed agenda for the BAC meeting – 20200716PLN_BAC



Bayfront Civic leaders,

Hope everything is going well with each of you during these stressful times.  I wanted to give you, as regular attendees, a heads up that BAC will be meeting on 7/16/20 for the first time since February.  Due to social distancing requirements, the meeting has been moved to the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Building, at 3769 E. Stratford Drive.  Despite this switch to a larger meeting room, there will still be very limited capacity (we will also be asking that everyone wear a mask).

The developers of Marlin Bay Apts. will be giving a short presentation to BAC.  The Ocean Park Civic League has graciously offered to provide a one way live stream of the meeting so that many interested individuals can see and hear the presentation and discussion by BAC from their homes. If you are unable to get there early enough for entrance or feel uncomfortable attending, please send us an email with any issues you would like to bring to BAC’s attention.  Due to the pandemic, the Outreach ’20 and Strategic Planning sessions have been delayed indefinitely.   If you are interested in the streaming, I will provide your name to the Ocean Park representative so they can send you the link.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Mark E. Shea, AICP

Comprehensive Planning Coordinator

City of Virginia Beach

Department of Planning and Community Development





City Council Hearing for Proposed Westminster Canterbury 22 Story Iconic Landmark Set for Tuesday Aug. 4th


A date for City Council to hold the public hearing for the proposed development of a 22 story assisted living facility and a 7 story memory building has been set for Tuesday August 4th.  The location of the hearing will be the City Council Chambers or the Convention Center based on the Covid-19 requirements at that time.  We will provide updates as we get them.  Below is the email confirming the date has been set.


SDCC Residents Survey Results for proposed WCCB development – https://weloveshoredrive.com/2020/03/11/wccb-survey-summary-results/

VB Planning Commission Hearing March 11th Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h75pz3iVqgQ

VB Planning Commission Staff Report and additional background information – https://weloveshoredrive.com/2020/03/06/while-it-is-the-most-densely-populated-area-of-the-city-it-is-primarily-a-neighborhood-residential-area-the-general-planning-goals-and-policies-in-the-comprehensive-plan-include-preserving-and-pro/



Subject: RE: WC CUP Sign – Hearing Date Confirmation


Hello Todd,

Yes, the Westminster Canterbury application is scheduled for City Council review on August 4th.  According to the City Clerk’s Office no decision has been made at this time as to whether the hearing will be held in the Council Chamber or at the Convention Center.  While currently both in-person and virtual speakers are allowed, that decision may also be reassessed in the very near future.

Thank you.




Tuesday July 14th City Council Hearing – City Marina to Lease 24 Parking Spots to Chick’s


Click here to see a map of the proposed parking spots to be leased. LMM Parking Exhibit – July 2020


Dear Marina Slipholder,

As a current Slipholder at Lynnhaven Municipal Marina, I wanted to make you aware of a consideration to potentially lease Chick’s Oyster Bar 24 car parking spaces at the north end of the Marina.  After we recently completed the replacement of the collapsed bulkhead area behind the west mooring area at the Marina, Chick’s formally requested to lease parking spaces for their employees on an annual basis.  If approved, the City would be paid a monthly fee per space for the 24 parking spaces as part of the lease.  Additionally, the use and lease would be subject to terms and conditions, and would be renewed on an annual basis for a period not to exceed five total years, should all terms and conditions continue to be met.

Attached for your information is the Exhibit Area at the north end of the Marina where the leased parking spaces are located, along with the Notice of Public Hearing scheduled for July 14th.  The tentative plan would be for City Council to vote on the parking space lease on July 21st and if approved, execute the lease with Chick’s in August 2020.

We are also notifying the adjacent Condo and Civic Associations.  Please let me or Mike Parkman know if you have any questions.


Thanks, Rick Rowe

Parks Coordinator, City of Virginia Beach



Sent of Rick’s behalf

Mary Overstreet

Park Events, Programs, and Special Use

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation


Park Events, Programs, and Special Use | 2154 Landstown Road | Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Phone 757-385-8235 | Fax 757-416-6747 | moverstr@vbgov.com | VBgov.com/parks


***UPDATE*** Swimming Advisory Lifted for Beaches Between Rockbridge Rd and Starfish Road

Friday June 19th

Swimming advisories issued 6/17/20 for Dam Neck South, Middle, and North Beaches and Lesner Bridge East
NO LONGER IN EFFECT – bacteria are below safe swimming levels. For latest results visit: http://SwimHealthyVa.com



Bacteria levels do not meet state water quality standards
Swimming and wading are prohibited until further notice


Swimming Advisories Issued for Lesner Bridge East Beach
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
​The Virginia Beach Health Department has issued swimming and wading advisories for the City’s Lesner Bridge East beach from Starfish Road to Rockbridge Road.
Recreational waters are monitored for bacteria using indicator organisms such as enterococcus, the indicator of choice in estuarine and marine waters.

Signs will be posted on the beach in the affected areas to alert the public of the swimming and wading advisory. The signs will read:

Bacteria levels do not meet state water quality standards
Swimming and wading are prohibited until further notice

Virginia Beach has conducted these tests since the mid-1970s. Health officials will continue testing the site until the water quality meets the state water quality standards. When the sampling test results meet the standards, the signs will be removed.

Enterococci are a group of organisms used to determine the extent of the fecal contamination of recreational waters. While they do not cause illness, scientific studies indicate that their presence is closely correlated to the presence of other disease-causing organisms. People swimming or playing in waters with bacteria levels higher than the standard have an increased risk of developing gastrointestinal illness, as well as skin, eye and respiratory infections.

The results of this and all other sampling are located on the Virginia Department of Health website at https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/waterborne-hazards-control/beach-monitoring.

“We encourage the public to protect their health by complying with this advisory,” said Brad DeLashmutt, the Environmental Health Supervisor with the Virginia Beach Health Department. “Typically, an advisory of this nature is temporary and can be caused by any warm-blooded animal – from birds congregating on the beach, people not cleaning up after their dog. The advisory will be withdrawn once the bacteria levels have returned to safe levels.”

For additional information, contact Brad DeLashmutt at (757) 518-2727.