Two VB Public Input Surveys – Art & Lights Festival and 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Virginia Beach is asking for public input on two topics. Surveys for each item can be found by clicking the link in paragraphs below. Please take a moment to help shape the future of our City. Let your voice be heard.

International Art and Light Festival Feasibility Survey

The City of Virginia Beach engaged Keen Independent Research LLC (Keen Independent) to conduct a study to assess the feasibility of an international art and light festival at or near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in the future. Similar festivals present large-scale, illuminated and interactive art installations created by local, regional and international artists that are on display for about 10 days and have free admission.  

The public input survey will be open for submissions June 21 – July 5, 2022.

International Art and Light Festival Feasibility Survey –

Shaping Tomorrow Today: 2040 Comp Plan Phase 2

In 2019, the City initiated a survey to gather citizen input for the update of the Comprehensive Plan. This survey is meant to build off the 2019 survey to understand the current preferences of Virginia Beach residents and to analyze whether those preferences have shifted since 2019. 

Please provide a response to the questions below by Sept. 1.

Shaping Tomorrow Today: 2040 Comp Plan Phase 2 –

Shore Drive Commercial Property Development Plan Public Engagement Opportunity

Residents have an opportunity to comment on potential plans for commercial development in the Shore Drive corridor. Proposed plans include mixed use development, pedestrian friendly connectivity, storm water prevention. If interested, please attend or submit comments at the links below

Public Meeting on Commercial Area Pattern Book and
Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit Set for June 30

​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (June 17, 2022) —​ ​A public meeting for the community to provide input on concept drawings and illustrations for the Commercial Area Pattern Book and Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit will take place from 5:30-8 p.m. on Thursday, June 30, at the Planning and Community Development Office, 2875 Sabre St., Suite 500.

The Virginia Beach Department of Planning and Community Development, in partnership with consultant Work Program Architects (WPA), introduced these projects to the public in February as “Community Revitalization Guidelines.” This two-part project evolved into the Commercial Area Pattern Book and Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit. WPA will present preliminary concepts based on the public input received in February and March for each project. Upon assessment and comment of the concept drawings and illustrations, drafts of both documents will be developed for further public review.

When completed, the Commercial Area Pattern Book will identify neighborhood compatibility strategies and develop design concepts based on community patterns, vision, and market trends within the strategic growth areas (SGA) and suburban areas of the city. The Bow Creek Neighborhood Resiliency Toolkit will provide guidance, flood resiliency strategies and best practices for residents in the Bow Creek area, which could be adapted to other areas of the city.     

For more information about the project, contact Mark E. Shea, AICP at or visit

​The City of Virginia Beach is inviting the public to share their opinions on proposed amendments to the City’s noise ordinance. 

Proposed Changes

The proposed changes to the noise ordinance would streamline enforcement with reduced reliance on specialized sound meter equipment. The proposed ordinance would establish a hybrid penalty structure, imposing civil penalties for some violations while preserving criminal penalties for repeat or severe violations.  

A key change in the noise ordinance is the addition of a “plainly audible” standard, where certain sounds that are plainly audible inside an individual’s home or beyond a specified distance from its source would constitute violations.  Sound is plainly audible if it can be heard by the human ear with or without a medically approved hearing aid or device.  A violation of the plainly audible standard would result in a civil violation punishable by a fine of $250 for a first offense. Excessive noise as determined by decibel readings will continue to be violations under the proposed ordinance and may result in misdemeanor charges.  

Click here to learn more about the proposed changes-

Click here to provide comments regarding the proposed changes –