“In 2019, Hobbs took responsibility for being one of the hosts of the gathering”

Article about Floatopia at Pilotonline.com:

In addition to residents reporting intoxicated people urinating and defecating in yards, partiers left behind 10 tons of trash on the beach — which garnered attention from national media outlets.

Will FLOATOPIA be a disaster again & an embarrassment for VIRGINIA BEACH during MEMORIAL DAY & LOVE FOR VB remembrances?

32nd annual Clean the Bay Day(s) info!

Any help with promoting and getting people to participate would be much appreciated!!

  • Instead of Clean the Bay Day being one day, we are going to have it run for six days (Monday, May 31 to Saturday, June 5). During that time, we are giving participants the option to either do a litter clean-up, plant a native plant, and/or install a rain barrel.
  • Also, during the six days, participants can choose the day, the time, and – if you have permission to be on the property – the location of the litter clean-up.
  • Registration is free and is required to participate. People can register either as an individual participant or join/create a virtual team. Visit www.cbf.org/clean to register now.
  • We are encouraging communities, schools, localities, public officials, or even a group of good friends to create a virtual team. A virtual team picks up litter separately and logs the clean-up numbers under a shared survey link. Once a participant submits their data, we have created an interactive dashboard that shows all of the teams totals in real time. This dashboard will have social sharing capabilities and is an excellent way to drum up some healthy competition when you include #cleanthebayday in your post!
  • We are also holding a Clean the Bay Your Way Photo and Video Contest. The contest is free to enter and all you have to do is submit a photo or video is the data collection survey when you have completed your Clean the Bay Your Way activity. Below are the list of prizes.
  • Gift certificate for 25 raw oysters from a Chesapeake Oyster Alliance partner
  • Pair of REI Flexlite Camp Chairs
  • REI Soft Sided Pack-Away Cooler
  • 12-month pass to Virginia State Parks
  • North End Bag Co., The Bank Note Bag.
  • Taste Unlimited Gift Basket

2021 Clean the Bay Day

Social Media Toolkit

Short Link: www.cbf.org/clean

Full Link: www.cbf.org/events/clean-the-bay-day

Sourced* Facebook Link: https://www.cbf.org/events/clean-the-bay-day/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com

Sourced* Twitter Link: https://www.cbf.org/events/clean-the-bay-day/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=t.co

*Sourced links help us better track how people access certain pages on our website. If you’re able to use these links when sharing on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, it will better assist us as we design a social media strategy for this event in the future!

Hashtag for All Platforms: #CleanTheBayDay

Secondary Hashtags: #SaveTheBay #ChesBay

CBF Accounts to Tag:

Facebook: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Instagram: @chesapeakebayfoundation

Twitter: @chesapeakebay

LinkedIn: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Photos and Graphics: bit.ly/CTBD21Toolkit

Sample Posts:

Join me/us and Chesapeake Bay Foundation for #CleanTheBayDay, taking place this year from May 31 to June 5!

Clean the Bay YOUR way during this year’s week-long #CleanTheBayDay! Show your support for the Bay by picking up trash, planting a native plant, or installing a rain barrel. Registration is now open: 

Clean up litter, win great prizes, and Save the Bay. Join us May 31 through June 5 to Clean the Bay Your Way.

Join us and thousands of Virginians across the state during the first week of June as we work to make the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams cleaner and healthier! Participate this year from wherever you are in the watershed and connect with our #CleanTheBayDay community online. Registration is now open!

Join us for a socially distant way to #SaveTheBay! We’reworking with Chesapeake Bay Foundation for #CleanTheBayDay, taking place this year as a six-day virtual event.

We’re proud to participate in #CleanTheBayDay this year from May 31 to June 5! Visit cbf.org/clean to find out how you can get involved, too!

Clean 💧 = happy 🐟 🌱 🦀

Join us and Chesapeake Bay Foundation to clean Virginia’s rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay!

Thirty-three years strong, #CleanTheBayDay is a true Virginian tradition—join us anytime during the week of May 31 to do something great for the Bay. And don’t forget to share your progress online!

In 2019, you helped remove roughly 45,000 pounds of debris from the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams. Think you can help us clean up even more this year?

#CleanTheBayDay is just a few weeks away! Have you registered yet?

You don’t want to miss out on this Virginia tradition. Join us and Chesapeake Bay Foundation virtually from May 31 to June 5 for #CleanTheBayDay!

When we come together—even virtually—we can #SaveTheBay! Join us and Chesapeake Bay Foundation from May 31 to June 5 for #CleanTheBayDay and participate from your own location in the watershed!

The #ChesBay needs you. Join us during the week of May 31 for an annual Virginia-wide cleanup to stop trash from polluting our waterways and the Bay! 

Did you forget to register for #CleanTheBayDay? That’s OK, there’s still time to sign up and we’d love to have you join us for this year’s virtual event!

“I am certain you recall the significant destruction left in the wake of the 2019 Floatopia event that elicited substantial lawlessness and resulted in extensive beach debris – literally tons of debris was scattered across our beach and in the Bay for residents and City workers to clean.”

May 23, 2021

The Honorable Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer, Mayor
2401 Courthouse Drive,
City Hall Building #1, Room 281, Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

RE: Floatopia, Memorial Day 2021

Dear Mayor Dyer:

I am writing you with immediate and great concern. The Ocean Park bayfront community has once again been targeted as the location for the unsanctioned Floatopia event on Sunday, May 30, 2021. The event coordinators, Matthew David and Stephen Hobbs, are specifically targeting the Lesner Bridge channel and eastern Ocean Park beach. This concern is evidenced in the below social media posts.


I am certain you recall the significant destruction left in the wake of the 2019 Floatopia event that elicited substantial lawlessness and resulted in extensive beach debris – literally tons of debris was scattered across our beach and in the Bay for residents and City workers to clean. It was so destructive that it garnered attention from both national and international media. Attached are notes taken from the emergency Ocean Park Civic League meeting in the aftermath of the 2019 Floatopia, which many of you may have attended.

Mayor Dyer, We cannot allow this event to occur on our beaches again!

We, as a community in Ocean Park, are wholly opposed to this event and the terrible impact it had on our small community, as well as the terrible environmental impact left in its wake (beach and bay debris left behind to pollute our land and beaches and the untold impact on countless native species of fish, birds and other native animals).

Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away, and time is of the essence! With such a short window of time to act to prevent the Floatopia organizer(s) from unleashing another international debacle on our community again, our residents require immediate communication from you regarding the City’s plan to prevent a repeat of the 2019 disaster. Please respond with details as soon as possible and we will share your response with our residents.

Very respectfully,

Daniel Murphy
Ocean Park Civic League President

Cc:James Wood, Vice Mayor/Councilmember, Lynnhaven District #5
Louis Jones, Councilmember, Bayside District #4
Patrick A. Duhaney, City Manager
Paul W. Neudigate, Police Chief
Captain Jeffery Wilkerson, Commanding Officer 3rd Precinct
Mark Shea, Comprehensive Planning Coordinator, Bayfront Advisory Commission
Phil Davenport, Chairman, Bayfront Advisory Commission
Todd Solomon, Shore Drive Community Coalition
Chief, Prevention Department, Commander Dean Horton, Sr., U.S. Coast Guard
Frank Rabena, Vice President, Virginia Pilot Association

PREVIOUSLY: EMERGENCY MEETING Over 200 people attended including the Mayor, 2 Councilmen, City Manager, Public Works Director, 3rd Precinct Captain, Deputy Fire Chief, Deputy City Manager & other leadership.

Over 200 people attended including the Mayor, 2 Councilmen, City Manager, Public Works Director, 3rd Precinct Captain, Deputy Fire Chief, Deputy City Manager & other leadership from CoVB.

National & local coverage of FLOATOPIA trashing Ocean Park including videos & photos

You have questions about SeeClickFix abrupt switch to VB Works? We don’t have answers.

We’ve been patiently waiting for feedback about the abrupt switch that happened last week. We’ve reached out to several people & added a Request using the Guest feature of VB Works and haven’t heard back yet.

A few of our questions are:

Will SeeClickFix Account be automatically migrated to VB Works?

Will custom maps created in SeeClickFix be automatically migrated to VB Works?

Will current open SeeClickFix issues be automatically migrated to VB Works?

What should SeeClickFix users do and when?

Will your office put out guidance about the switch?

We also have some questions about Privacy as the new company behind VB Works – Incapsulate, which is a subsidiary of Sales Force, asks for what appears to be an enormous amount of information to use VB Works. We could find no info about ThreeOneOneCapsule.

We’ve also asked about the details for each item Sales Force is requesting to use the VB Works app system.

We sincerely hope VB Works becomes as popular as SeeClickFix was!

Recent screenshot within the last week since SeeClickFix was stopped being used.
Screenshot of VB Works moments before this post.

If you have any feedback about the switch, please let us know!