“Chesapeake Bay region loses ground in effort to increase tree canopy”


In the entire Chesapeake Bay watershed:

The community with the BIGGEST LOSS was Virginia Beach, that state’s most populous city. It lost more than 1,700 acres — more than three times the next biggest decline.

Learn more at Bay Journal.

Urban Forest most recent info at VBGov.com.

BAYFRONT ADVISORY COMMISSION Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Thursday October 20, 2022 CALL TO ORDER – 3:30 pm. Join us!

Thanks to Hank for providing the Agenda & the “Shore Drive section of the draft Commercial Area Pattern Book” update. “WPA is working on an updated draft and have told me they will send it over by next week, so hopefully I will be able to send you all an updated version of the document prior to BAC on Thursday.”

Commercial Area Pattern Book at VBGov.com. Several slides re: Shore Drive from draft PDF below.

Draft PDF including Shore Drive slides available here at VBGov.com.

New Ordinance & User Agreement language for private use of LBR&BFDMTS

Thanks to Public Works Director Lj Hansen, Senior Project Manager Dan Adams, City Manager Liaison Jonathan Torres, City Attorney Kay Wilson & Councilpersons Delceno Miles & John Moss, and OPCL President Danny Murphy for meeting with us Friday morning in the new Building One at the Municipal Center to work out the details of the Ordinance & User Agreement for private use of the LBR&BFDMTS.

We really appreciate the community engagement in this process!

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Edit: Updated SOT added below.