“City Council approves all Shore Drive Safety Task Force recommendations!” #ThrowbackThursday 17 years

Equitable safety improvements for cyclists & pedestrians like contiguous sidewalks & bike lanes are coming to Shore Drive!

DELAYS since June 7th 2006!*

Read the news here where Vice Mayor Jones was quoted:

“I think the council is committed to getting the improvements done[.]”

* Remember when the powers that be tried making Shore Drive 6 LANES in the 90s?!

Remarkably, the then named Shore Drive Advisory Committee(SDAC) heard the presentation from the Shore Drive Safety Task Force at their April 20th 2006 meeting.


Here is the entire report from the Shore Drive Safety Task Force from April 20 2006.

SDAC, now named the Bayfront Advisory Commission(BAC) has their public meeting today at 330pm at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad where they will be grappling with the news of yet another PROPOSED delay in upgrading circa 1950s infrastructure in the “Gateway to the OceanFront & Virginia Beach” while the OceanFront continuously receives virtually infinite money for almost every idea proposed there.

Clearly this is heavily used by pedestrians & cyclists.
Why do City priorities continue to ignore the infrastructure needs of this area let alone the aesthetics that it’s embarrassing & looks like shit?

Join us today at BAC at OPVRS!

One thought on ““City Council approves all Shore Drive Safety Task Force recommendations!” #ThrowbackThursday 17 years

  1. It is going to take firm stand by the community to get anything done to move the needle forward on Shore Drive. It seems obvious to this observer that the city in not going to address this matter any time soon….Life before another decade or two is done. This is gonna take people power, like that which got Pleasure House Point and the 35 miph speed limit done.


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