Sand Replenishment of Ocean Park Beach Scheduled for Spring 2020 Won’t Happen

The following email update was provided by City Staff explaining the reason the planned beach replenishment of Ocean Park beaches won’t be happening this Spring.


The City received three bids on April 7, 2020 for the beach nourishment of Ocean Park Beach. Unfortunately, all bids were over 50% higher than the available budget for the project. The primary driver as to why the bids came in significantly higher than the available budget is due to industry capacity related to the high demand for dredging along the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico for the next six months. No additional funding has been identified and not likely in the immediate future given the uncertainty in the proposed City budget. Therefore, a contract cannot be awarded based on the bids received.

Public Works staff has recommended rebidding the project with a longer period of performance to incentivize more favorable bids based on the available budget for Ocean Park Beach. A final determination on rebidding the project is pending. Please contact Mr. James White for additional information.


James White, City of Virginia Beach

We Remember – Honoring the Victims on the Anniversary of the 5.31.19 Shootings


The City of Virginia Beach is planning several opportunities for residents to remember the victims and their families this weekend as we mark the anniversary of the awful events of 5.31.19.

Please visit the Love for VB website for a full list of events –

Additional remembrance activities can be found at the VB Strong Center website –

Some of the weekend highlights include:

Friday 5.29.20 

  • Wear Blue in remembrance
  • Observe a moment of silence at 4:06pm

Saturday 5.30.20

Sunday 5.31.20

  • 4:06 Online Remembrance Ceremony.
  • Leave your porch light on blue/white in remembrance



Absentee Ballot Voting for June 23rd Primary has Started. It’s Easy and a Great Way to Social Distance. Use Reason Code 2A (My Disability or Illness)

Currently the City of Virginia Beach is planning to hold in person voting for the upcoming Republican Party Primary.  However, normal polling locations may change as a result of Covid-19 stay at home rules and election official worker availability.  Voting absentee is a quick and safe way to still vote without having to visit a polling location.  Information regarding how to sign up for Absentee Voting and a sample ballot are listed below.


Sign-up for Absentee Ballot here –


Virginia Beach Voter Registrar Additional Voting Information here –


The City of Virginia Beach does not have May General Elections, our next schedule election is the June 23, 2020 Republican Party Primary Election. If you would like to submit an absentee ballot application to have your ballot mailed to you due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing you can submit the Virginia Absentee Ballot Application Form (SBE-701) only. The application can be submitted online​, by mail, email or fax. In section 3 please indicate Reason Code 2A (My disability or illness).

Click to access Election_Schedule.pdf




City Council Decides to Move Forward on Hearing Planning Items Using Online and In-Person Social Distancing Practices.

Hello Shore Drive Residents,

I pray you are all doing well during these unprecedented times.  Stay safe and stay healthy.

As City Council has been progressing with how they plan to continue public hearings during these trying times, the SDCC has asked Council to specifically defer all Planning Items that have opposition until normal reviews can be safely implemented.

Based on the May 5th Council hearing, video review of the meeting can be seen here, it appears Council is set to move forward with hearing all Planning Items even if they are highly opposed such as Westminster-Canterbury’s 22 story high rise Assisted Living Facility.  Council has suggested to hold highly contested items such as Westmister-Canterbury in larger spaces like the Convention Center to allow for 6 foot social distancing requirements.  Specific details are still being determined by Council, so please continue to follow our website posts to stay up to date on how and when these Planning Items will be heard.



Emails asking City Council to defer any Planning Item that has opposition.


Email 1:

Dear Mayor Dyer and Council Members,

I am sending this email again in regards to your review of hearing Planning Items during the State’s “Shelter in Place” by utilizing virtual meetings.

I would ask that no Planning items be heard unless failure to do so would result in irrevocable harm or have a direct impact on the pandemic emergency.

If you decide to start hearing general Planning items, then I would recommend you only hear items that have no opposition so you can vote on them by consent. If an item has any opposition, then it should be deferred until normal in person hearings can be resumed.

Thank you for this consideration,

Todd Solomon



Email 2:

Dear Mayor Dyer and Council Members,

I commend you all for working towards a method to allow for remote participation during various public meetings. Using technology to help maintain social distancing during these close quarter and sometimes large attendance gatherings is the right thing to do.

However, I am confused why the “Resolution to suspend certain portions of the City Council Speaker Policy” doesn’t include the suspension of Planning Agenda Items (Section 2.1) along with the recommendation to suspend Regular Agenda (Section 2.2) and Non-Agenda/Open-mic (Section 2.3) Items. Already, Planning Items from March and April are being deferred and I can’t think of any possible Planning Items directly related to the Covid19 crisis or ones where failure to act would result in irrevocable public harm.

With the Governor’s “Shelter in Place” decree effective until June 10th, wouldn’t the safest and smartest action be to also suspend Planning Items from City Council agendas during this emergency period?

If for some overarching legitimate reason the Planning Items have to remain, then I suggest that Planning Items with any opposition be automatically deferred as long as this emergency policy is in place. This would still allow unopposed items to be approved by consent. Deferring opposed items would minimize a resident’s health risk of attending Council meetings in person and should also make remote virtual meetings easier to manage since there will be less online speakers.

Thank you for your consideration to this request,

Todd Solomon


City Council Sets Special Meeting on May 7

View how to engage at

​On Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 4 p.m., the City Council will hold a workshop to discuss the search for a city manager and the monitoring of the FY 2020-2021 budget.

Members of Council may participate via electronic communication means provided that a quorum of Council is physically present at the meeting location, and the Council member provides notice that he or she is unable to physically attend the meeting for a reason set forth in the City Council Policy for Remote Participation by Councilmembers in Council Meetings, adopted March 31, 2020 (attached).

No public comment will be taken at this meeting, however because it is expected that three or more members of the City Council will be physically present, a few seats for the public will be available in the Council Chamber that are appropriately spaced apart. Citizens are encouraged to wear protective face coverings.

This meeting will be live-streamed on VBTV (Cox channel 48 & Verizon channel 45), and

The proposed budget is available at In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, City staff presented a revised FY 2020-21 Budget and Resource Management Plan on Tuesday, April 14. It can be viewed on and

For the latest information, please visit and follow us on, and