“This is planned for a residential community on Shore Drive …”

By the way, the City & WCCB have AGREED a 14 story building is the maximum height requirement since 1998.

A Call a Day Keeps the High Rise Away – Call City Council Campaign to Deny Proposed Westminster Canterbury 22 Story High Rise Development

“Where do we want to live in the years ahead? Older adults are asking this question anew in light of the ongoing toll of the coronavirus pandemic — disrupted lives, social isolation, mounting deaths. Many are changing their minds.”

View important article at CNN.com.

Some important parts of the article –

“Nervousness about senior living has spread as a result, and in July, the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care reported the lowest occupancy rates since the research organization started tracking data 14 years ago.

Occupancy dropped more in assisted living (a 3.2% decline from April through June, compared with January through March) than in independent living (a 2.4% decline). The organization doesn’t compile data on nursing homes.

In a separate NIC survey of senior housing executives in August, 74% said families had voiced concerns about moving in as Covid cases spiked in many parts of the country.”

“The potential for social isolation is especially worrisome, as facilities retain restrictions on family visits and on group dining and activities. (While states have started to allow visits outside at nursing homes and assisted living centers, most facilities don’t yet allow visits inside — a situation that will increase frustration when the weather turns cold.)”

HERO HIGHLIGHT about Empsy !

Empsy Munden has volunteered with the Virginia Beach chapter of the Medical Reserve Corps since 2006!

Empsy recently assisted with COVID-19 testing. She is very passionate about the work that the Medical Reserve Corps does for her community and encourages fellow pharmacists to get involved.

If you are interested in the Medical Reserve Corps click here to learn more and apply.

Thanks for all the volunteer work you do!

“[We are] emergency employees and deal with hazardous materials on a daily basis,” said Sam Brown, a waste management collector.”

News at WAVY.com:

Virginia Beach waste management employees protesting over hazard pay, trash collection suspended for Wednesday

New City Manager Patrick Duhaney, who came by to speak with the workers on Wednesday morning, sent a letter to city council on Tuesday asking for hazard pay for waste management and other “critical workers,” but through another source — savings from a recent hiring freeze.

New schedule will be at VBGov.com/WasteManagement.