WCCB Survey Summary Results

Question 08 Comments PDF 1

I am a long time resident and a local Realtor that has clients living in the immediate area of Ocean Shore Ave and other condos down there. I also am currently representing a buyer that is concerned about a purchase on Urchin Rd because of the Westminster expansion. There are many concerns about personal property being devalued (city assessments are already dropping in the immediate area). I am also seriously concerned that because of the money and influence from the residents of Westminster this will get pushed through one way or another and any high rise of that caliber will have a high impact of the values there. Construction will have an environmental impact. And a high rise being allowed will open the way for new and similar developments and negatively impact the community.

Question 08 Comments PDF 2

The area of Shore Drive surrounding Westminster is a close and intimate community. If residents here wanted high rise living we would be at the ocean front. In order to preserve living style diversity we need to reserve some beach front areas as quiet community living.

Question 08 Comments PDF 3

This area of the city must have more senior care facilities. Independent living as well as assisted living are a going to be a big growth factor in less than ten years. The current Westminster Canterbury buildings on Shore Drive have been good for the neighborhood for over thirty years. They haven proven time and time again that they do a lot of good for the community and local area. Let them expand and build additional building. They are the number one provider of a full service living home environment in America Which treats all seniors medical and living needs. Westminster Canterbury is a not for profit run base organization. They give back to their residents and local area non residents, senior medical care needed. If Westminster Canterbury does not make this investment to build a first class “state of the latest” building, then some other will build and it would be a real eye sore investor run failure of a senior center. Thank you

Question 08 Comments PDF 4

I live and work here. While Westminster has good people there, I also think we must take into consideration the experience of the neighborhoods around it. The proposed construction is too big and I believe will have a negative impact on neighbors.

Question 08 Comments PDF 5

I live in Baylake Pines and have on and off since 1955. The high density housing that is going on everywhere along SD is ruining the ambience and qualities of life here. The destruction of view shed Thursday, Feb 13th at Lesner Bridge should serve as huge example. The city should reign in the exploration of this once very beautiful area.

Question 08 Comments PDF 6

I live on Starfish Road – so the traffic, parking and loss of the publicly owned beach access affect my quality of life greatly. The proposal is too big for the area – I have concerns about how this affects the Thursday, Feb 13th EMS services response times if they are tied up at WC like they were in December when there was a laundry room fire at WC (15+ EMS units on site).

Note: One random comment from each PDF highlighted above. There are hundreds who responded.

2 thoughts on “WCCB Survey Summary Results

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  2. If ya’ll are so concerned about the quality of life in Shore Drive then about some pedestrian improvements, bike lanes, street narrowing, wider sidewalks. Finish making Shore Drive safe for all of its residents who walk and bike along the whole length.


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