Time To Take Action! The City Council will now be addressing the Westminster Canterbury expansion on August 4th, 2020.

From the organized group in opposition to the WCCB Proposed Expansion, which if approved, will set a negative precedent in Shore Drive Community for the foreseeable future.

Time To Take Action

The City Council will now be addressing the Westminster Canterbury expansion on August 4th, 2020. As of now it looks like the meeting will be at The Virginia Beach Convention Center, but we do not have specifics as of yet. Please take the time to write and call all of the City Council members below and express the following.

Let them know they are not making a smart decision by having a meeting of 200 to 250 seniors in one room to discuss such an important issue even with social distancing.

Please let them know your concerns even if it means just sending the same or a similar letter that you sent the last time.

We understand that phone calls are even more impactful than emails so please feel free to call the City Council members to voice your concern.

Finally, we would like to suggest that you contact Governor Ralph Northam and encourage him to contact The Virginia Beach City Council and ask them to postpone such an important meeting and not risk the health of seniors that wish to voice their opinions about the Westminster Canterbury expansion plans.

Please use the emails, links and phone numbers below to contact our representatives.

Governor Ralph Northam https://solutions.virginia.gov/communityrelations2018/form/email
or call him at (804) 786-2211.


Use email below to communicate directly with individual Councilmembers & Mayor.

Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer – Mayor – bdyer@vbgov.com                       (757) 385-4581

James Wood – Vice Mayor/Council Member – jlwood@vbgov.com       (757) 366-1011
Jessica Abbott – Council Member – Jabbott@vbgov.com.                    (757) 344-3407
Michael Berlucchi – Council Member – mberlucc@vbgov.com               (757) 407-5105
Barbara Henley – Council Member – bhenley@vbgov.com                   (757) 426-7501
Louis Jones – Council Member – Lrjones@vbgov.com                         (757) 583-0177
John Moss – Council Member – jdmoss@vbgov.com                           (757) 264-9162
Aaron Rouse – Council Member – arouse@vbgov.com                         (757) 319-1398
Guy King Tower – Council Member – gtower@vbgov.com                    (757) 600-4567
Rosemary Wilson – Council Member – rcwilson@vbgov.com                (757) 422-0733
Sabrina Wooten – Council Member – Swooten@vbgov.com                 (757) 797-5625


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