“There’s a delay in plans to construct Virginia Beach’s [tallest] building along Shore Drive.”

News at WAVY.com.

“A group of neighboring condo owners is continuing a fight to stop the construction permanently. After a circuit court judge dismissed claims that City Council unlawfully approved the $250-million expansion project in 2020, they recently appealed their case to the Supreme Court of Virginia.”

SDCC Monthly Meeting Proposed Schedule – Monday Feb. 28th – Next In-Person Meeting Date

SDCC Meeting Dates for 2022 – Meeting starts at 7:30pm at the Ocean Park Rescue Squad Hall

Monday February 28th

Monday June 27th

Monday October 24th (a week early due to Halloween)

Due to the resurgence of COVID, we have decided to adjust the planned in-person meeting schedule for 2022. Our first in-person meeting is planned for Monday February 28th. The additional meetings for 2002 are set for a 4 month interval and will be scheduled for June 27th and October 24th. The meetings will still be held at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad and will start at 7:30pm. The new meeting schedule is in accordance with the approved By-Law amendment approved here. Emergency meetings will still be possible when need arises, so check the website periodically and sign up for the enewsletter.

SDCC future meeting schedule dates

Sen. DeSteph Proposed SB#602 to Gut City Short Term (STR) Rental Oversight

The City of Virginia Beach discussed and voted to prohibit all future STRs in the City except for Oceanfront tourist zoning (ORD). Residential neighborhoods expressed opposition to unrestricted by-right usage of residential homes for daily STR rentals. The proposed Senate Bill created by Bill DeSteph recommends that localities have no authority over STRs and that they should be allowed in all areas per local zoning without restrictions. This appears to allow STRs to be created in all residential zoning with no restrictions. The SDCC opposed unrestricted STRs in the Bayfront for fear of impact to neighborhood living. Allowing unrestricted by-right usage of all residential homes for STR would in essences make the neighborhoods large hotels where tourists can rent homes on a daily basis with no oversight or limit. If you would like to comment on this proposed Senate Bill, please use the following link to express your concerns.

The following is the link to the proposed SB602 with the opportunity to comment.


Here is a story from WAVY 10 regarding the SB602

Here is an article from the Virginian Pilot regarding the SB602


Dredging of Keeling Drain Planned for April 2022. Lynnhaven Boat Ramp to be Used as Spoils Transfer Station.

The City of Virginia Beach plans to dredge the Keeling Drain in April 2022. It is estimated that 60% of the material will NOT be beach quality sand. So that means about 1000 dump trucks worth of spoils will have to come through the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp transfer site. That equates to about 1 truck every 5 minutes for 10 working days (8 hour period). It is unknow if there are any planned restrictions for noise and traffic impacts for this industrial operation. It is worth paying attention to see how this operation works in case the City tries to use the LBR site for future neighborhood dredge transfer operation. Around the clock operation at the LBR is not a good idea. Stay tuned and voice your concerns as this project progresses.

VMRC Agenda Link – https://mrc.virginia.gov/Commission_Agendas/ca20220125.shtm

A. CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH, #21-1817 Requests authorization to maintenance dredge (by mechanical means) approximately 32,500 cubic yards of State-owned submerged bottomlands from within the Keeling Drain portion of the Eastern Branch of the Lynnhaven River City Channel. Dredging will attempt to achieve maximum depths of minus eight (-8) feet at mean low water. Sandy dredged material will be offloaded at the City’s Lynnhaven Beach and Boat Ramp facility, located at 3576 Piedmont Circle along Crab Creek, and utilized for future beach nourishment projects. Offloaded dredged material that is not beach quality sand will be contained and transported to an approved upland disposal site.

City Launches Website to Help Residents Understand Redistricting Changes

Shore Drive will now fall under 3 Councilmembers, 1-Norfolk to Lesner Bridge, 2-Lesner Bridge to State Park, 3-State Park to Atlantic Ave.

City Launches Website to Help Residents Understand Redistricting Changes

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Jan. 25, 2022) – ​The City of Virginia Beach Communications Office has launched a new webpage designed to assist residents seeking information about changes to the local election system and redistricting. Available online at www.VBgov.com/vb10, the webpage features:

  • A tool that allows residents to research in which of 10 new voting districts an address is located
  • Answers to 10 frequently asked questions related to the impacts of redistricting
  • An explanation of the redistricting process and why these changes are happening
  • Access to more information about the court case on which the changes are based
  • Contact information for questions that may not be addressed on the page
  • A link for neighborhood association and civic organization leaders to provide contact information for future communications
  • A video from the Jan. 11 City Council meeting in which City staff provide an overview of where the City is in the redistricting process and how these changes will impact voting

Additional material will be made available over the next several weeks to include community organization toolkits and updates to the FAQ section.

Residents with specific questions may email vb10@vbgov.com.

BAC today 3:30pm at OPVRS including their Strategic Planning document for this year



Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad

  3769 E. Stratford Drive 

(enter on side opposite Shore Drive)

January 20, 2022

CALL TO ORDER – 3:30 pm


Review and Approval of Minutes from 11/18/21

Welcome Guests and Introductions – Phil Davenport, Chair



Design – Bob Magoon
Communications – Vacant
​Public Safety, Transit, Parking & Pedestrian Access – Martin Thomas


​Discuss Strategic Priority assignments