“Future residential uses should strive to achieve the lowest reasonable density to be compatible with the existing neighborhood residential density.”



News about Marlin Bay Apartments speculative development plan on tv tonight.

“The BAC passed a motion to not support the project stating that it did not meet the density recommendations in the Comprehensive Plan or the . . .”

View current plan for Marlin Bay Apartments.

Choices will be made at Planning Commission Meeting September 8th 2021 that will affect future generations – not only in Virginia Beach.

Is 197 apartments adjacent to Pleasure House Point the best land use of this parcel in The Gateway to Virginia Beach located near the internationally renowned Brock Environmental Center in a City that is 2nd nationally for impact from sea level rise after only New Orleans?

View details about Planning Commission Hearing

A Public Hearing of the Virginia Beach Planning Commission will be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall, Building 1, 2nd Floor at 2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Members of the public will be able to observe the Planning Commission meeting through livestreaming on http://www.vbgov.com, broadcast on VBTV, and via WebEx. Citizens who wish to speak can sign up to speak either in-person at the Council Chamber or virtually via WebEx by completing the two-step process below. A Staff briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m.. All interested parties are invited to observe.

Note: Proposal is ~ 50 units/acre. Proffers can be changed by future City Councils.

Virginia cannot achieve this vision of coastal resilience without the cooperation and invaluable insight of coastal plain residents, localities, and stakeholders.

Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan – Building Virginia’s Resilient Coast Together at Virginia.gov:

Planning Approach

To complete the first Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan, and to lay the groundwork for future coastal adaptation and protection, we need your help. The Commonwealth is leading a coordinated public planning effort that leverages the creativity and ingenuity of our state’s many diverse coastal region communities to chart a comprehensive and inclusive path forward.


Coastal Resilience Plan Survey

Flood Protection Program Funding Being Put to a Vote.Residents will vote on referendum during November General Election.

Learn more about this crucial vote at VBGOV.com:

Shall the City of Virginia Beach issue general obligation bonds in the maximum amount of $567,500,000 pursuant to the City Charter and the Public Finance Act to fund the design and construction of flood mitigation measures as part of a comprehensive citywide flood protection program that includes the following Phase 1 projects:

Chubb Lake/Lake Bradford Outfall, Church Point/Thoroughgood Drainage Improvements, … , Eastern Shore Drive – Elevate Lynnhaven Drive, Eastern Shore Drive – Phase I, Section 1F Improvements, Eastern Shore Drive – Phase I, Section 1G Improvements, Eastern Shore Drive – Poinciana Pump Station …

Chubb Lake / Lake Bradford Area project at VBGOV.com .

Eastern Shore Drive – Phase I at VBGOV.com.

“More than six times that amount will be placed on the beach beginning early next year.”

Article about eroded Ocean Park beach at Pilotonline.com.

The city is partnering with the Virginia Port Authority, which is deepening the channel used by container ships bound for the Norfolk Harbor. Great Lakes Dredge & Dry Dock, which replenished the Oceanfront beach three years ago, will pump “beach quality sand” dredged from the channel onto Ocean Park beach.