“The City of Virginia Beach (City) is embarking upon an accelerated Flood Protection Program (FPP) as approved by voters in the November 2021 Bond Referendum. Jacobs has been working with City staff to develop an Implementation Plan that completes the projects within ten years. While developing the Implementation Plan, the following implementation activities and strategies were undertaken:”

Highly recommended reading for FPP (Flood Protection Program) geeks.

FPP Governance Team: The City Manager created an internal team that is working together to: 1) ensure the FPP is successfully delivered, 2) meet City Council and stakeholder expectations, and 3) coordinate with all City departments to work cohesively toward the common goal of delivering the program on schedule and in budget. The FPP Governance Team integrates all program activities, and as such is comprised of leadership from Public Works, including the Director, the City Engineer and the Stormwater Engineering Center; Finance; Budget; Purchasing; Communications, and the Office of Performance Accountability. The City Manager leads the group, which meets monthly to resolve issues, make decisions, and provide feedback and direction related to the FPP.

Process Improvements: Assistance and support is required from multiple City Departments to successfully implement the FPP. It is important to identify opportunities to improve internal processes necessary to implement the FPP. Working groups were established to identify gaps, improvements, and enhancements related to project management, real estate, master schedule, and strategic communications. The preliminary findings and initial recommendations from the working groups are summarized in Section 2 of this white paper and provide valuable input to our implementation plan and final report.

Thanks to Councilman Moss for forwarding a copy to us so quickly!

Note: More info to follow about FPP on this website soon.


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