***Updated SDCC Meeting Agenda – Councilman Moss Will Be Attending to Speak***

We apologize for the last minute notice. Please pass this information on to all your friends and we hope you will be able to attend Monday evening’s membership meeting to hear Councilman Moss speak.

Special Presentation – Councilman John Moss has accepted our last minute invitation to talk to us about current issues and projects that Council will be working on in the next few months.  Councilman Moss represents the new District #9 that covers Shore Drive from the Norfolk border to the west side of the Lesner Bridge.  Note: Councilman Jones covers the new District #8 from the east side of the Lesner to the State Park (Kendall St.).  Councilman Moss will discuss these new districts, the new Flood Protection Program and other items specific to the Bayfront area.

An updated agenda can be found below


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