“The robbery was reported shortly before 12:20 a.m. at the Chanello’s in the 2200 block of Pleasure House Road, dispatchers said.”

At Pilotonline.com.

The two in police custody were taken to a hospital, but their injuries were unclear.

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Police say they recovered some stolen items from the Chanello’s from the suspect’s car.


Photo Credit: WAVY.com

Virginia Beach and Hurricane(s)

Neighborhood Storm Readiness
As the city enters another hurricane season, we are reminded that we are vulnerable to nature’s furry. Most of us would like to place hurricane preparations on our “B” or “C” list of priorities because so many chores and duties take up our time. We may think that we are ready, or can be ready in just a short time, but you may be surprised at how much time it takes to prepare for a major storm. Just consider how long it takes you to pack for a trip or vacation, and that is something that you want to do. I know. I just got back from Brussels, and I am a planner.

Recently, the hurricane predictors estimated how many hurricanes the area might experience in the coming year. In my opinion, I think such a government endeavor misses the mark. It is not how many hurricanes that may impact you, but if one should hit our area. Consider that hurricane Andrew was the first hurricane that year to hit the east coast and that it was a Cat 5. South of Miami was devastated while the residents were obviously aware of a hurricane’s potential.

We can only do so much here in VB, but we can put together a basic plan for ourselves and family. The city cannot provide enough storm shelters to help out more than about 10% of the people in the most endangered flood prone areas. If you plan on evacuating the area, consider that it will be very difficult if done too late (within 36-48 hours or more before the onset of TROPICAL Force Winds).

So, if you cannot evacuate, your area floods and there are no shelters for you and your family, what are your options? Stay where you are or hope to find a friend in a safer area? I think this is the time to to consider such principle questions for your basic planning, not when the weather lady points out a developing tropical depression that is soon to be named a hurricane.

If you do anything for yourself and family, consider what you would need in a basic emergency kit for your home to provide three days of support. There are multiple sites to help with your list making and planning. SDCC will put more information on our website to help with your planning shortly.

Markers for new beach trail at Pleasure House Point next to Brock Environmental Center pier vandalized.

Email from Lynnhaven River NOW sez:

Hey, everyone,

We started putting up the goose fencing for the planting sites along the trail at PHP, and came upon an unfortunate scene. Meredith had put in some fairly large stakes last week to mark the area, and they were all broken off today when we went out (stakes were thrown into the marsh area). We think maybe people think we are trying to block off the trails completely, and don’t understand that the path is simply shifting, though maybe they are just vandalizing for the sake of vandalizing. This was along the area where there is clearly still some type of ATV action.





Photo of stakes & goose fencing built by volunteers that was destroyed

Photo of stakes & goose fencing built by volunteers that was destroyed

Important phone numbers

Parks & Natural Areas Office: 757-385-2080
Police Non-Emergency Number: 757-385-5000
Animal Control: 757-385-4444

Still working on finding that sweet spot of eliminating 100% of vandalism & foolish behavior vs loving PHP to death.

“Every five years, Virginia Beach takes a new look at its long-term plan for growth and development. It’s called the Comprehensive Plan, “It’s Our Future,” and we need your input.”

That means you!

One of the reasons you still have time to comment is the work that Shore Drive Community Coalition – your neighbors – does to ensure We The People have a stronger voice.

Updates, info & more at VBGov.com.
Virtual Town Hall to share your input now. IMG_1347.JPG

Have a voice in your neighborhood now!

More coverage about arrest of man from Sunday hit & run, chase …


A full list of Palma’s charges can be found below:

1. No Virginia safety inspection
2. Fail to display license plates
3. Operating an unregistered vehicle
4. Display fictitious registration
5. No liability insurance
6. Driving while suspended/revoked 7th offense within 10 years
7. Possession of stolen plates
8. Felony hit and run on a marked State Police car
9. Hit and run on property exceeding $10,000
10. Felony elude


Online court records show his arraignment is at 2 p.m.


A man faces 10 charges after a police pursuit Sunday that included crashes into a Virginia State Police car and two other vehicles along with a fence and a jet ski trailer.