Child bit by German Shepherd in Cape Story on Feb 9th. Do you know the owner ?

From Cape Story Neighborhood Watch:

My son and I were at CSBTS park Sat. 2/9/13 playing basketball. Somewhere around 5:30- 6:00 a woman wearing a black parka (hood up so I couldn’t really see her face) was walking her German Shepherd. My sons basketball went into the bike path in the park and he went to retrieve it when the dog jumped up and bit him on the arm. My son was wearing a sweatshirt so luckily there was no blood but the dog did break the skin on his arm and his arm is black and blue so there was pressure in the bite. I was busy consoling his crying and the owner said “I am sorry”, waited a couple of minutes and turned and walked back down the bike path.
She was walking away in the direction of Great Neck Rd and it is possible she lives between the park and Oak, I lost sight of them about Oak. I am concerned and, at this point, only need to know the dogs shots are up to date etc. It would have been nice of her to give me her contact information just in case. I did not think to ask her that while she was there as I was more concerned with my son. Does anyone know this dog? Is there anyway you can help me find them?
Thank you for any assistance you can give. Carol K.

Please email any info that could help.


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