Dangerous boating incident in Long Creek over the weekend

From Cape Henry Shores neighborhood watch …

The following was received by a CHS resident:

We live on Long Creek and frequently deal with boats throwing a wake,
but we’ve never had any of our CHS neighbors as the culprits and we
realize we will always deal w/ disrespectful boaters.

tonight a dangerous thing happened on Long Creek and I was wondering
if it’s appropriate to spread an email b/c I suspect the parents of
the culprit or perhaps the friend of the culprit live in our
neighborhood. At approximately 10:15 tonight (after the fireworks) we
could hear a boat speeding in our direction coming from the park.

Both of our neighbors across the water on Bay Island happened to be
out and all of us went to the edge in time to see what appeared to be
a grey or blue center console boat, probably around 20′-24′ long,
speed by so fast it’s a wonder docked boats, pylons, or floating piers
weren’t hit. Thank goodness no late-night kayakers or paddle boarders
were out (as there sometimes are) b/c there’s no question they would
have been killed. All of the boats docked along the creek rocked and
hit pylons or bulkheads!

After the boat sped by, my neighbor across the water screamed that the boat had turned into CHS. Because it sped by so quickly we couldn’t determine how many people were in the boat, but we’re all reasonably certain there were at least 2 guys who seemed
to be teenagers.

If you have any information on who the boaters could have been, please
contact me and i can put you in touch with the resident.

One thought on “Dangerous boating incident in Long Creek over the weekend

  1. There is only one way in and out of CHS. If this is a boater who lives in CHS, it should be easy to find the boat. We will be watchful, and then act appropriately.


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