2 thoughts on “Permanently preserve open space on PHP you may think is preserved but is not or condos?

  1. I wondered if that’s what they were surveying for when I saw them ( a surveyor) and stakes, on my walk on Tuesday.

    Grammatically More clear if you put a comma after is not, comma, or condos?

    Hope not

  2. The city has reneged on its Resolution (promises) which addressed REQUIREMNENTS for new development projects within the city. This Resolution would have held builders feet to the fire in regards to “comprehensive plan” building guidelines as pertained to storm water issues. The storm water bond referendum passed by 70 percent in large part BECAUSE OF this RESOLUTION, (which made promises from council to the citizenry). Six on council went back on their words and have given developers–they refer to them as “stakeholders”)–control of the development conversation as pertains to said comp plan at this time. The developers have thwarted changing the comp plan which would cause new development to have to align with said resolution. John Moss, Louis Jones, Barbara Henley, Aaron Rouse, and Guy Tower voted against giving the developers (stakeholders) this power. Now, the powerful developer of this PHP property, who also threatens the area with her Marlin Bay apartment plans, is making her move to “get ‘er done.” One can only wonder if she is trying to beat the clock before more stringent development criteria are enforced. All council members should be put on notice that anything less than what was provided for by the PROMISES MADE (i.e., “resolution), will not be tolerated. BTW Please know that certain people have been appointed to the VB Planning Commission who are friends of the developer, as have been appointed to council. Deck is stacked.


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