Did you know WCCB is seeking variances to redevelop ~17 acres in the bayfront? PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY.

WCCB – Westminster Canterbury by Chesapeake Bay- has been “working with the City for about a year” on redeveloping 16.88 acres in the bayfront.

Planning Commission is scheduled to have a public hearing and vote as soon as MARCH 11 ’20.

CLICK HERE to start 8 question SURVEY.

SURVEY ENDS March 10. PLEASE TAKE IT NOW and share it.

We will be making the Survey results public.

Thank you!

Rendering of proposed redevelopment that needs regulatory approvals.

3 thoughts on “Did you know WCCB is seeking variances to redevelop ~17 acres in the bayfront? PLEASE TAKE OUR SURVEY.

  1. The high rise condos and assisted living facilities that have proliferated along the Shore
    Drive corridor are completely in conflict with efforts to reduce development in flood prone areas and incompatible with the threat in the coming years of sea level rise, accompanied by more severe hurricanes, and tornadoes . Have we not learned a lesson from Hurricane Katrina in 2005? We do not have sufficient first responders to evacuate the hundreds of elderly, incapacitated, many memory, hearing and sight impaired, in need of walkers or wheelchairs? The facilities do not have sufficient staff, who may also have families and homes in harm’s way from storm surge (the biggest killer),and high winds. Overture, by the Lesner Bridge, also does not have support to help these folks evacuate. Last year’s Floatopia in Ocean Park demonstrated how stretched our resources are. And yet, there are more requests to increase density in vulnerable waterfront buildings populated by vulnerable elderly, frail people.

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  3. What was wrong with it the way it was??? NOTHING!!!! Just wants to spend money that’s ALL!!! Ridiculous!!! You have to be a friggin’ millionaire to live there… OUTRAGEOUS prices… LUDICRIS!!!!


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