CASPER update family disaster prep & recovery plan.

Thanks to David for the timely update to CASPER – Coastal Action Plan Storm Emergency Response.

View & download CASPER version 7. (28 page PDF)

The statements, recommendations, and procedures provided in this planning guide are those of the author and Safety Net Consulting, Incorporated. This guide does not necessarily reflect all the available options for emergency planning, or preventing property loss or personal injuries associated with natural or man-made disasters. The material presented in this document reflects multiple accredited sources and the accumulated best practices of those involved in emergency planning and disaster recovery…

A snippet:

Many emergency agencies estimate that only 10-15% of the residents living in the coastal areas affected by hurricanes have an emergency plan. Without a plan, a family could be caught in a “lose- lose” situation not having considered the major problems that nature could present. Too late to leave, but without sufficient preparations to stay, you could be stranded in a dangerous situation. This Coastal Area Storm Plan Emergency Response (CASPER) is “bare bones” without lengthy explanations except when essential for a point. The CASPER is divided into three major sections; Long Term Planning and Preparation, Pre-Hurricane Warning Stage, and Post Storm Recovery. This plan contains buy lists to aid gathering the needed supplies…

unexpected damage at Lynnhaven Boat Ramp from Sandy Oct 2012


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