September Baylines from Bayfront Advisory Committee

View September Baylines. (5 page PDF)


The city has changed some of the design at the site in response to public input, he said. Parking will be reduced from the previously announced 15 spaces to five. In addition, plans have been made to preserve two healthy mature live oaks in that area and to transplant saplings elsewhere on the site.


Starting next year, Virginia Beach will embark on a large-scale restoration of public Chesapeake Bay beaches that will make them 100 to 150 feet wide, Phillip J. Roehrs, city water resources engineer, told the Bayfront Advisory Commission.
“We’re going to put a bunch of sand out there,” and continue to do so in four- to five-year cycles, Roehrs said. “This is going to change the nature of the community.”


A redevelopment application for part of the current Marina Shores development is on the agenda for the Sept. 13 Planning Commission meeting. Planners will hear presentations by Water Box LLC, owner and applicant, for a conditional use permit and conditional rezoning for the property at 2100 Marina Shores Drive.


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