“For example, to view information about a specific transportation project, such as the Lesner Bridge replacement, visit Budgetexpenditure.vbgov.com and click on the budget category “Quality Physical Environment” on the green graph to the right.”

Thanks to everyone who helped make the #LESNERBRIDGE updates and transparency about the project possible!

From the News Release yesterday at VBGov.com:

“Open VB marks a major step forward in increasing public transparency in our budget and capital improvement projects,” said city Budget Director Catheryn Whitesell. “We implemented Open VB because citizens have a right to know how fund are being raised and allocated.”

Here’s the link to the #LESNERBRIDGE at the new Open VB website.

Here’s the Shore Drive Corridor Improvements Phase IV hot link.

Click screen shot to visit hot link at Open VB website.

Click screen shot to visit hot link at Open VB website.

The Search function in upper right hand corner of page seems to need exact name of the Project to find it.
It is a lot easier to scroll on the interactive map, and drill down/zoom in to find road projects you are interested in.

There is also a great way to find projects using the CATEGORY function.
As an example, it was easy to find the vital Sewer Pump Station Flow Monitoring & Date Storage page by drilling down in the CATEGORY function. Here’s that page.

Here’s an example of drilling down into the SERVICE function.
It was easy to find the Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Phase I page.

Thanks again to everyone who works so diligently on making government and it’s processes transparent.

Thanks to everyone at the COVB who makes it easy for the public to find it.


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