You have questions about SeeClickFix abrupt switch to VB Works? We don’t have answers.

We’ve been patiently waiting for feedback about the abrupt switch that happened last week. We’ve reached out to several people & added a Request using the Guest feature of VB Works and haven’t heard back yet.

A few of our questions are:

Will SeeClickFix Account be automatically migrated to VB Works?

Will custom maps created in SeeClickFix be automatically migrated to VB Works?

Will current open SeeClickFix issues be automatically migrated to VB Works?

What should SeeClickFix users do and when?

Will your office put out guidance about the switch?

We also have some questions about Privacy as the new company behind VB Works – Incapsulate, which is a subsidiary of Sales Force, asks for what appears to be an enormous amount of information to use VB Works. We could find no info about ThreeOneOneCapsule.

We’ve also asked about the details for each item Sales Force is requesting to use the VB Works app system.

We sincerely hope VB Works becomes as popular as SeeClickFix was!

Recent screenshot within the last week since SeeClickFix was stopped being used.
Screenshot of VB Works moments before this post.

If you have any feedback about the switch, please let us know!


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