SDCC Riterates Opposition to Short Term Rental (STR) Overlay District for East Shore Drive (Cape Story by the Sea)

In light of the recent shootout at a STR and the upcoming Planning Commission vote on the STR overlay district for East Shore Drive, the SDCC has sent the following email to the Planning Commission and City Council reiterating its opposition to any STR overlay in the Shore Drive Corridor.

Dear Planning Commission Members,

As we approach your Wednesday hearing on the proposed Short Term Rental ordinance change, I wanted to share this recent occurrence in Chic’s Beach in the Shore Drive area.  Please take a moment to comprehend what you are proposing for the Cape Story by the Sea neighborhood and how similar occurrences can impact well established city neighborhoods.  Your recommendations, similar to those of City Council, will effectively change our residential neighborhood into a tourist destination similar to the oceanfront.

The following statement and attached flyer were provided by 3rd precinct officers.

Additionally, I would like to let you know that the on going issues associated with Air BnBs Rentals was a topic of conversation at the most recent Chiefs meeting. Officers have been informed that they are to forward any Air BnB issues up the chain of command. This will help develop a stronger argument backed with statistics when the issue is addressed by the city.

Again, to date, no reply or data has been provided to our requests regarding the total # of homes, total possible STRs, and explanation as to why the Cape Story neighborhood is targeted as a STR overlay compared to any other neighborhood in VB.  We have asked for information the past 2+ weeks to help with the upcoming hearing.  Since no data or any type of civic engagement outreach has been attempted for this entire process, it is still the Shore Drive Community Coalition’s recommendation to oppose any overlay created in the Cape Story neighborhood, no matter how the boundary is manipulated.

Thank you for your review of this information and we hope that you recognize that this whole process is flawed and any recommended overlay along Shore Drive is unjustified and just wrong.


Todd Solomon

Shore Drive Community Coalition President


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