Sunday Feb. 28th Shootout at Chic’s Beach Short Term Rental – Police Seek Information

Police Detectives are circulating the following flyer in hopes to find information regarding a recent shootout that took place early Sunday morning February 28th at 4504 Ocean View Ave.  If you have any information, you are asked to contact Detective Pittman,

Click here to see the Police flyer Shootout Flyer

Summary: On 02/28/21, at approximately 0538 hours, an unknown type of sedan (possible Toyota Celica) occupied by at least two suspects pictured below appeared to stage outside of a party located at 4504 Oceanview Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA. That vehicle moved slowly westbound appearing to have shots come out the passenger side before driving away being shot at by at least two shooters in the front yard of 4504 Oceanview. The sedan stops at Fentress/Oceanview, driver gets out firing one shot at the direction of 4504 Oceanview; the passenger gets out firing multiple shots in the same direction. Another vehicle, Jeep SUV black in color, comes from the direction of the firing of gunfire to turn off into a parking lot at Fentress/Oceanview. The driver gets out of the black Jeep (pictured below, appears female) and switches to passenger side of vehicle. The Jeep then goes back to the direction of 4504 Oceanview Avenue. Please let Detective Pittman know of any information or identification related to this incident and/or pictures below.



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