Marina Shores expansion presentation to BAC info

Changes to original presentation posted at here.

Previous 60 unit expansion, now 49 unit that requires a Conditional Use Permit as they’re proffered at maximum units allowed right now.

New traffic light at North Great Neck and Lynnhaven Drive still turned down by CoVB even after more lobbying for it in spite of added minimum dozens of trips per day through that intersection from new condo & apartment development.

One thought on “Marina Shores expansion presentation to BAC info

  1. I live directly across the street in Long Creek Cove from the current tennis court in the Marina Shores Apts and if this new structure happens it will be a travesty, both personally and to the current community as a whole. I’ve lived here since 2008 and have witnessed a drastic change in the volume of traffic entering and leaving this neighborhood and this addition will only make it worse. As it is, the Marina Apts don’t have enough parking or all their residents or they would not be parking on Lynnhaven road impeding the normal traffic flow. Add to this the addition of the new Pearl Apts (still under construction after 2 years) and the traffic now is almost unbearable. The only saving grace for me personally has been that I had a somewhat unobstructed view out my back yard looking at the tennis court. That will be gone if these apts get built and most likely myself as i can no longer stay here and witness the destruction of what was a somewhat nice place to live. I mean how many more people can they pack into one location and still maintain a decent quality of life, or is all just about making more money for someone. V/R,


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