Marina Shores Apartments new 60 unit expansion proposal

Here is some information regarding the proposed expansion of the Marina Shores Apartment complex.

A 60 unit building will be located where the tennis courts are now.

It will be a 65 foot, 5 story building with 4 floors of apartments over top covered parking. This building will be one story taller than all the existing buildings which have 3 floors of living space over 1 of covered parking. It also looks like this new building will be about 25 feet closer to North Great Neck Road than the closest existing building.

We’ve asked the City Planner who will be performing the traffic study for the extra car trips that will result at the intersection of Lynnhaven Drive and North Great Neck Road.

Also will this increase when added to the traffic coming from The Pearl apartments be enough to require a stop light at this intersection?

The tentative date for the Planning Commission hearing would be Wed Nov. 11th.

View 3 page PDF of proposal.


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