“It appears that the power supply coming to the lighting system is not “clean power”. It works fine for normal lights, the necklace lighting, etc., but for purposes of the aesthetic lighting on the piers, it’s causing some problems.”

Update about LED aesthetic lighting for Lesner includes:

They’ve noticed that pier lights will go off randomly which means the Building Maintenance staff have to come out and reset the specific breakers. The problem has been that it’s not the same pier going out each time. I would equate this to how the power in your house might flicker during a wind storm and one clock gets interrupted while others aren’t impacted.

The proposed solution is to install some line conditioners to clean up the power supply. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a procurement process that we need to go through to get a contractor to add the components to the system. We expect to have something installed in the next 60 days.

You may remember the plan to change the aesthetic lighting we shared here.

I’m going to talk to them about the programming, since I think it can still run regardless of the pier light issues. If they have to reset breakers anyway (short term), it doesn’t matter what the light color is.

Yes – the street lightening acting randomly is a separate issue from the aesthetic lighting goofs.

All the lighting on Lesner should be resolved within 60 days as Public Works has been working on this for awhile now and are very close to completing the solutions to fix the issues.

Hope it’s fixed soon! People come from miles around – even out of state – to view the pretty lighting.


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