“A classroom at Pleasure House Point opens a world of exciting possibilities that will have a ripple effect on the community and beyond for years to come. I’m so proud to support this mission.”

The energy & excitement by students & VB Schools staff at the Ground Breaking Ceremony yesterday was incredible!

News from Augusta Free Press:

“Future legislators, scientists, engineers, and architects will walk these halls, explore these beautiful grounds, learn in this sustainably-built classroom, and ultimately change the world,” said VBCPS Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence. “Where better can students experience our city’s and our division’s unique educational opportunities than here at the Brock Center, truly a monument to environmental design and sustainability.”

Learn more at CBF.org:

When will the classroom be built?
Construction will begin in early 2020, with completion during the summer of 2020. Students will begin attending the Environmental Studies Program after Labor Day, 2020.

It’s amazing how much has been accomplished since “RESIDENTS ANNOUNCE PLAN TO BUY PLEASURE HOUSE POINT Virginian-Pilot, The (Norfolk, VA) – Tuesday, February 25, 2003 Author: SCOTT HARPER THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT” was published:

The foundation will solicit public and private money and seeks to preserve the property for environmental education[.]

Yet, there is much more work to do as not all of what you think is PHP is permanently preserved yet.


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