Baylines March Newsletter from BAC

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A proposal to redevelop the Windsong Apartment complex off Pleasure House Road would increase the number of units by nearly 60 percent, but update the 40+-year-old complex with new amenities, developers told the Bayfront Advisory Commission.

The proposal, on a 14.85-acre site between Pleasure House and Northampton Boulevard north of Shore Drive, is scheduled to go before the Planning Commission in April for a series of proposed rezonings that would increase the complex from 272 units to 432*. Of those, 216 would involve renovated apartments and 216 new units.

Emphasis ours.
*Note: Zoning request increase could create potential for more than 432 units total.

2 thoughts on “Baylines March Newsletter from BAC

  1. Pleasure House Road is already a problem with high density, traffic and storm water management and flooding. Adding another 216 residences is an insane way to address an already bad situation.

  2. You get what you vote for and we have voted for a City Council for years determined to turn VAB into a city of Sun Sand Sea and CEMENT.


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