Proposed Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC headed for BZA on October 3rd

Case 2018-BZA-00056
Applicant: Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC Representative: Eddie Bourdon, Sykes Bourdon, Ahern & Levy
Address: 3301 Ocean Shore Ave GPIN: 1489-89-3069
Zoning District: B-4
Staff: Kevin Kemp

Project: Proposed Residential Duplex and Retail Building
• 15-foot front yard setback from the property line adjacent to Ocean Shore Ave, instead of 35-feet as required;
• 15-foot side corner setback from the property line adjacent to Cherry Tree Place, instead of 35-feet as required.

View BZA Oct 3 Case # 2018-BZA-00056 (16 page PDF)

Board of Zoning Appeals at

6 thoughts on “Proposed Ocean Shore Shoppes LLC headed for BZA on October 3rd

  1. Oh, and I bet nobody realizes, since they cut corners and shortened the set-back from the property line on the first build, they cut corners for emergency vehicles. No firetruck or ladder trucks can make the appropriate turns on the end of this street. The build was approved only because of the sprinkler system. If a fire were to happen, trucks can only barely reach one side of the building, the fire temp will increase quickly past the point that any sprinkler system would be able to save the building.

    How do they expect emergency vehicles to properly fit down the street to do their jobs with all this overbuilding?

  2. So, they are proposing to shorten the required 35-foot property line set-back to only 15-feet to add more property? I DO NOT agree with this, STOP overbuilding Shore Dr!

  3. As a member of the Overture Apartments I find this proposal not satisfactory. The streets are all ready too narrow for the current traffic. Anything that would encourage more traffic at that intersection should not be allowed.

  4. The very notion of a 35″ set-back at this location is so short sighted! The growing traffic and beach access will diminish enjoyment for all and certainly challenge property values.

  5. As an owner of a Harbour Gate condo, I am extremely concerned with the additional traffic in an already congested area. The newly built condo and apartment units adjacent to the parcel are far from full occupancy! Traffic issues will only be exacerbated when residents move into the multiple units. I also believe the old Live Oak tree at the proposed building site should be protected and thought the City had a program to do just that.


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