Baylines October Newsletter from BAC

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A proposed ordinance governing short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods has been referred to the Planning Commission for eventual return to the City Council, B. Kay Wilson, deputy city attorney told the Bayfront Advisory Commission.

The latest iteration of the city’s efforts to govern when homes are rented for fewer than 30 days, the proposal would require property owners to seek a conditional use zoning permit from the City Council, with some exceptions.

One such exception would “grandfather” owners whose properties were operating as short-term rentals as of July 1 and were registered legally and had paid applicable taxes by that deadline. Homesharing, in which an owner rents all or part of the property for no more than 30 consecutive days continues to live there during such rentals, can take place anywhere in the city, Wilson said, as long as they are registered and pay taxes. . . .


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