Monday Aug 27th General Meeting and Special Presentation on Neighborhood Coyotes

Click here for a printable version of the agenda  8.27.18 SDCC Agenda

SDCC General Meeting Agenda
Monday August 27, 2018 from 7:30 to 9:00pm
Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Hall
(parking in back, on side streets and across Shore Drive)

Special Presentation – Neighborhood Coyotes – A new neighbor has moved into the Bayfront community. You may have spotted them on the beach, walking on the Cape Henry trail or even roaming your backyards. Ms. Jennifer Huggins, First Landing State Park Ranger, will talk to us about these amazing animals, their habits and how we can best live with our new friends.

Officer’s Reports:
Secretary – Kathleen Damon
Treasurer’s Report –Tim Solanic
Vice President – Wally Damon
President – Todd Solomon

Old Business-
Lynnhaven Municipal Wharf – Ocean Park and SDCC opposition letters sent to the US Army Corps of Engineers taking exception to the proposed use of the site as a dredge material transfer station and asking for a public hearing. USACE’s response letter accepted comments, but decision has been made to not hold a public hearing on this permit.

Short Term Rentals (STR) – The Planning Commission has been given action to continue work on this topic. A public hearing and hopefully more opportunity for public comment will be available this Fall.

Bus Route 35: Shore Drive to Oceanfront – Ridership numbers for July should be available. May and June numbers were double 2017 ridership. Will the trend continue?

Lesner Bridge Replacement – New eastbound span was originally scheduled to be opened the weekend of August 25/26. We will try to provide updates on this progress/delay and any new details from the City.

New Business –
Bayfront Advisory Commission (BAC) Fireworks Study – The BAC is conducting a feasibility study for having a 4th of July Bayfront fireworks show sponsored/operated by the City. We welcome you input/thoughts regarding this idea.

Community Concerns– Please share any issues or concerns your groups/organizations may have at this time.

***Next SDCC Meeting – Monday September 24, 2018***


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