“New Sculpture to Welcome Visitors to the Rich History of Lynnhaven Inlet”

Learn more at VBGov.com about The Canoes at Lesner Bridge in Ocean Park:

The Canoes, to be located on the southern pedestrian overlook heading east on the new Lesner Bridge on Shore Drive, will usher visitors into the beauty and history of the Chesapeake Bay area. The historic canoe as a medium for the sculpture creates an indelible tie to the waters surrounding it. The Canoes draws on the Bay Area of the 1600s, when seine fishing was a profitable trade on the Lynnhaven shoreline.

More info about The Canoes at Lesner Bridge in Ocean Park at COVB City Page:

The Canoes uses ten full-size aluminum canoes, stamped and punched with elaborate lace patterns, a nod to the decorative arts of the early settlers. The canoes are joined at the center in a stylized sunburst, balanced atop a tall arch. It will be lit in the evening by soft LED lights and features a seating area overlooking the bay.


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