“I wish them luck,” Whittecar said. “They are essentially trying to lower the water table.” He added: “It will eventually drop. It’s likely to take awhile.”

Article and more pics at Pilotonline.com:

He described the whole Cape Henry area as “one big, thick pile of sand.”

“It just soaks up the water that falls on it,” he said.

Water is stored in the space between the sand grains.

“Sediment grains, whether they are like beach balls or little round BBs, those curved surfaces leave a lot of space in between,” Whittecar said.

Photo Credit" Virginian-Pilot

Photo Credit” Virginian-Pilot

It was clear in both directions this afternoon.

Matthew Updates at VBGov.com including Forms.

Property Damage Form
If your home or business suffered damage from Hurricane Matthew, PLEASE CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY FIRST! Your agent can determine what is covered by insurance.

THEN, please fill out this form. It will help Virginia Beach property owners qualify for FEMA assistance. The city must demonstrate a certain amount of damage before FEMA will offer help to individual property owners. Every report helps our city qualify for assistance…


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