Comprehensive Plan Open House – Thursday Nov. 13th, 7:00 to 9:00pm at John B Dey School

[Note: Thank you for the many emails pointing out we had the incorrect date initially. You passed the test.]

Get Involved!  It’s Your City and Your Future

Thursday November 13, 2014

7:00pm to 9:00pm

John B. Dey Elementary School  Click here for a map

Open House Agenda
Welcome & Introductions (7:00-7:10)
Open House Purpose & Format (7:10-7:15)
Comprehensive Plan Overview Presentation (7:15-7:45)
Open House Station Visits (7:45-9:00)

The SDCC has sorted through the 2009 Plan and pulled the information pertaining to our Shore Drive area and has listed it below with some basic background wording.  These are just a few issues that may be important to you.  You may have other issues that don’t even show up in the current 2009 Plan.

Either way, please take an hour on Thursday to attend the open house and let the City know what YOU VALUE.

  1. Shore Drive Corridor Special Focus Area (SFA) – This 3 page chapter list general policies such as: road improvements for safety; continuous multipurpose trail; replace Lesner Bridge.  It also identifies 3 main areas of focus: (Pleasure House Point, Lynnhaven Boat Ramp, Waterman’s Walk).  Pleasure House Point has been resolved.  Other actions are still working.  Click here to read this section
  2. Water Resources Management Plan – This section touches slightly on protecting waterways for habitat and recreational use.  No mention of a Neighborhood Dredge Plan, it is recommended that this complicated plan be identified and explained in the Plan.  Click here to read this section
  3. Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation – This sections identifies the need for a Complete Streets policy, which is currently being reviewed for implementation.  It also talks about connecting neighborhood and improving safety.  Click here to read this section
  4. Sea Level Rise – Although this section offers eight suggestions, many new issues have come up in the past 5 years.  It is recommended that the issue of Sea Level Rise be expanded and detailed more with suggestions for home raising, flood insurance support, etc. Click here to read this section


The 2009 Comprehensive plan and details can be found on the City’s website by clicking here

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The ‘plan’ is City Council’s official statement regarding how the physical development of the City should be directed for at least the next 20 years. It must be stressed, however, that the Comprehensive Plan (the ‘Plan’ hereinafter) does not claim and should not claim to have precise answers to all of the issues that may arise over time. The Plan’s role is the establishment of the policy framework within which operates a continuous planning process. That process is a vital means of implementing the recommendations of the Plan and revising the Plan as necessary in response to the unseen issues and opportunities that the future always provides. In that regard, this Plan is a ‘living plan,’ as it is not intended for the Plan to remain just as it is when adopted. The intent is for the Plan to interact with the various situations where it has a role and to be open to change as necessary to respond to recognized challenges and opportunities. The Plan should always be evolving in response to its environment. 

Why does the City have to have a Plan?

Comp Plan Rules

3 thoughts on “Comprehensive Plan Open House – Thursday Nov. 13th, 7:00 to 9:00pm at John B Dey School

  1. Nice work Todd on the summation. SDCC readers, please note that along with sea-level rise will be greater exposure to properties during major storms. The city MUST involve the citizens at addressing the threats to our properties and the city’s tax revenue basis or we, the owners and renters will pay for the future increases in insurance premiums for the National Flood Insurance Program. It is not just a city project directed by Mr. Bernick (Environmental Planner on city staff). This is all part of the FEMA directed CRS Program as it currently exists. FEMA’s CRS program may change shortly when the federal government and congress comprehend the impact on real estate market prices, rental costs, and city tax revenues for ALL residents in potential flood zones of premium increases and costs. Currently, the city of VB has not started to adequately address the NFIP and CRS with residents to enable a better program. We will pay for increased NFIP premiums starting in 2016 if not sooner.


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