SDCC Monthly Meeting Proposed Schedule – Monday Feb. 28th – Next In-Person Meeting Date

SDCC Meeting Dates for 2022 – Meeting starts at 7:30pm at the Ocean Park Rescue Squad Hall

Monday February 28th

Monday June 27th

Monday October 24th (a week early due to Halloween)

Due to the resurgence of COVID, we have decided to adjust the planned in-person meeting schedule for 2022. Our first in-person meeting is planned for Monday February 28th. The additional meetings for 2002 are set for a 4 month interval and will be scheduled for June 27th and October 24th. The meetings will still be held at the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad and will start at 7:30pm. The new meeting schedule is in accordance with the approved By-Law amendment approved here. Emergency meetings will still be possible when need arises, so check the website periodically and sign up for the enewsletter.

SDCC future meeting schedule dates


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