Sen. DeSteph Proposed SB#602 to Gut City Short Term (STR) Rental Oversight

The City of Virginia Beach discussed and voted to prohibit all future STRs in the City except for Oceanfront tourist zoning (ORD). Residential neighborhoods expressed opposition to unrestricted by-right usage of residential homes for daily STR rentals. The proposed Senate Bill created by Bill DeSteph recommends that localities have no authority over STRs and that they should be allowed in all areas per local zoning without restrictions. This appears to allow STRs to be created in all residential zoning with no restrictions. The SDCC opposed unrestricted STRs in the Bayfront for fear of impact to neighborhood living. Allowing unrestricted by-right usage of all residential homes for STR would in essences make the neighborhoods large hotels where tourists can rent homes on a daily basis with no oversight or limit. If you would like to comment on this proposed Senate Bill, please use the following link to express your concerns.

The following is the link to the proposed SB602 with the opportunity to comment.

Here is a story from WAVY 10 regarding the SB602

Here is an article from the Virginian Pilot regarding the SB602


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